World Languages - have you used the audio feature?



HI everybody! Ciao!!!
I just got the Formative Premium and I am very excited about the audio feature. Have any of you used it yet, could I get some creative ideas?
Thank you folks! Grazie mille! :slight_smile: DJ


I didn’t have a chance to try it with my students before my trial version ran out. BUT… I think that you would find this very useful in your languages classes.
If you making an audio of a sentence and…
… then having the students dictate in a Short Answer.
… respond to the oral question in a Short Answer AND/or an Audio response
You can also type a sentence/question…
… and have the students record themselves reading that sentence.
You could upload a picture…
… and have students record a possible dialogue for the scene.


I haven’t used audio, but have used video for listening comprehension.
Another suggestion for audio would be to just simply give the directions in the target language. I only discovered formative in the last month of school, so I only created 3 activities so far.
I would love to collaborate with any French or Italian teacher to create some new ones!


Hi! I teach High School Italian and Spanish. I do have a Formative I created for my Italian III students that involves audio, on the movie “Il Postino”. Here is the link (I hope I am doing it right, I am new at sharing with colleagues…)

Also: here is another one: for Italian III and IV.

It’s a preparation for an oral presentational task called “I’m in the Picture”, where students are given a painting and they have to describe it, pretend to be one of the characters, come up with a “problem” in the situation and a solution to the problem. They have 5 minutes to take notes about the given picture and 2 minutes to talk about it, on the spot. I hope these help, and let me know if you have any other Italian ideas!:slight_smile: Grazie mille, merci !


Great ideas!!! You are making me think of having an audio of a short paragraph, read by you or from an internet podcast - depending on the students’ level - and having your students write out what you said, like a dictation. Even now, to keep up with my Spanish, for instance, I find it very useful to write things I hear on podcasts, especially expressions that I understand but I never would have used spontaneously on my own. Then I try to use those "new " expressions any chance I get. What do you think? :slight_smile:Thanks so much for your suggestions!


We are using the audio prompt and response option to create conversations for students to practice speaking and listening. We also use it for speaking checks for vocabulary. You can post a picture that students need to speak about in the language you are teaching. You could embed a silent video and have them record a narration. They could do simple things like identify or more complex things like retell, compare and contrast, defend an idea, retell a story, and so much more if you are teaching more advanced levels. You can use the playback feature to share responses with the whole class.


This is wonderful, thank you!!!
I was thinking of maybe using it for preparation to the “dialog” part of the Italian (or any other language) AP exam, where the students have to fill in their part of the dialog, with the prompt playing the part of the other person.
It’s 5 exchanges, with every one the student has to talk for 20 seconds and try to create a logical dialog.
This could be done with creating 5 “audio” questions and having the students fill in their own audio for the answers. I hope I am making sense! :):yum:


Yes that is exactly what we are doing. I teach lower levels and so my recordings are short introductory conversations now, but the idea is that they need to listen to the questions and respond and all of the recordings together 5 promtps + 5 responses = a nice conversation. I also love using really busy images, filled with lots of action for students to talk about. They can identify describe, explain actions, etc. I tell them to talk as long as the can about the image aiming for 1 minute.


Great ideas, thank you so much!!! Do you do Spanish or Italian? Do you have one Formative that I can look at? (The busy picture one)
I am going to start posting some Formative publicly to share, I only have a couple out for now.

Here is a Spanish one where I used the audio (which is not very good, because it’s me translating from an Italian script as I went, sorry! - you can change the audio:)

Thank you again for all your ideas! :grinning:


This is an image based speaking activity that I use with the city lesson. We learn to talk about the city, directions, etc. It is good for recycling colors, prepositions of location, identification, etc. This is particularly good for practicing vocabulary and practicing descriptions.

Thanks for sharing your activity with me. I can use it for listening practice. I have a “Quién soy yo” unit.




Laura: Qué bárbaro!!! We do a unit called “Central Square” in which the students learn about the role of the square in hispanic countries (and Italy, France) and I think that your idea is fabulous: putting in authentic pictures of locations is great. Thank you for your Formative, I can certainly use it :smile: