World Languages - have you used the audio feature?



HI everybody! Ciao!!!
I just got the Formative Premium and I am very excited about the audio feature. Have any of you used it yet, could I get some creative ideas?
Thank you folks! Grazie mille! :slight_smile: DJ


I didn’t have a chance to try it with my students before my trial version ran out. BUT… I think that you would find this very useful in your languages classes.
If you making an audio of a sentence and…
… then having the students dictate in a Short Answer.
… respond to the oral question in a Short Answer AND/or an Audio response
You can also type a sentence/question…
… and have the students record themselves reading that sentence.
You could upload a picture…
… and have students record a possible dialogue for the scene.


I haven’t used audio, but have used video for listening comprehension.
Another suggestion for audio would be to just simply give the directions in the target language. I only discovered formative in the last month of school, so I only created 3 activities so far.
I would love to collaborate with any French or Italian teacher to create some new ones!


Hi! I teach High School Italian and Spanish. I do have a Formative I created for my Italian III students that involves audio, on the movie “Il Postino”. Here is the link (I hope I am doing it right, I am new at sharing with colleagues…)

Also: here is another one: for Italian III and IV.

It’s a preparation for an oral presentational task called “I’m in the Picture”, where students are given a painting and they have to describe it, pretend to be one of the characters, come up with a “problem” in the situation and a solution to the problem. They have 5 minutes to take notes about the given picture and 2 minutes to talk about it, on the spot. I hope these help, and let me know if you have any other Italian ideas!:slight_smile: Grazie mille, merci !


Great ideas!!! You are making me think of having an audio of a short paragraph, read by you or from an internet podcast - depending on the students’ level - and having your students write out what you said, like a dictation. Even now, to keep up with my Spanish, for instance, I find it very useful to write things I hear on podcasts, especially expressions that I understand but I never would have used spontaneously on my own. Then I try to use those "new " expressions any chance I get. What do you think? :slight_smile:Thanks so much for your suggestions!