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Hi all,

I was so excited to see the option of using rubrics this year. I made my first one last week and attached it to a quiz question.

This week I want to resuse the same rubric I already made. I assumed I would be able to, because I was able to name the rubric I made, so that made me think I was building a rubric library for myself.

Now, though, when I try add a rubric to a new assignment, the only option is to build one again from scratch.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to reuse rubrics?



I haven’t tried out the rubrics yet. I’m commenting so I can follow this thread. :slight_smile: Hope you get an answer to your question. In the meantime, if you make a copy of the old quiz, can you edit the question(s)?

Oooo, great workaround. That’s what I’d do! It didn’t occur to me just make a copy of the old quiz with the rubric in it!

I was also intrigued by the rubric option, but there are some serious shortcomings so far (unless I am missing something.)

  1. Only certain question types can have rubrics attached to them. Open response, show your work, audio response (I didn’t test them all). I had some short answer questions (which are still open ended) that I wanted to attach rubrics to, but I don’t see the option to do so.

  2. Why attach rubrics to specific questions? It would be nice for one single rubric for the entire assignment. I find myself wanting to apply one or two criteria of a larger, more comprehensive rubric to each question. If there were a way to have one overarching rubric for the assignment that you could then tie specific questions to specific criteria, that would be amazing.

  3. As a previous poster noted, the fact that the rubrics are not saved in a library is surprising. It takes a long time to input a rubric, and I’d love to be able to pull from ones already created on new assignments. Even better would be the ability to cherry pick specific criteria from pre-made rubrics that fit with a specific questions (see my point for #2).

  4. The more I think about it, I see the ideal scenario one where you don’t have a bank of rubrics, per se, but a bank of rubric criteria. You could then mix and match these criteria as the need suits either holistically for an entire assignment or piecemeal for a specific question on an assignment.


I love all of these ideas!!!


Thank you for commenting about rubrics! I didn’t know you could create/include them in Formative! Would you mind sharing an example of one you created with me?



I am also interested in being able to reuse rubrics for multiple questions.

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Hi Laura,

Here’s a sample with a rubric I made:


Problem with rubrics - when you force submissions, it will not grade at zero for a question with a rubric, forcing submissions and manually adding scores makes using them unattractive. Any fixes?

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