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I am new to Formative, does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can start?

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In the top right hand corner of your home page is a blue question mark. It has a lot of links for getting started!
I checked that out and then started playing around creating my first formative!


Hi Al!

The following is linked to some information that can help you get started with making Formatives for your class:
-How to build an assessment
-Library of Pre-made Formatives
-Video Tutorials to help get started

I hope this helps! I enjoy using Formative in my high school math class for formative and summative assessments.



Hi Emily from TN, Thank you for including links. :smile:


Hi Al,

Posing a question here was a great start. Very welcoming and informative community. I put together a formative on how to use formative feel free to take a look and use as you see fit. https://goformative.com/clone/FKQOGD My favorite feature is to upload a doc or pdf and annotate game changer/time saver. Hope this helps.



@al.mesones Welcome! Formative is a great and ever growing and improving tool! :slight_smile: I have used it in my HS math classroom for the past two years. A few weeks ago the student teacher from the History teacher next to me observed me for one period, and I was using Formative that day. He has since created his own account and has some Formatives ready for the next chapter they will be covering! Glad to have influenced him! Anyway, welcome!


Good Morning Dean,
Thank you for the link! I will definitely look in to that.


to start formative is know what wil you be using it for…to me its all about assessment for the time being.


A quick start would be importing a word document or pdf file of a worksheet or activity you already use and adding questions to it. Also be sure your students are in google classroom so you can import your students. This will save time each time you get a new student throughout the year.


Hello @al.mesones,
You will find this community super willing to share and answer questions. @michael.lutz has two super cool “Formative withing a Formative” that you may find useful as you begin your journey. You can find them in this post:


First of all, you are going to love Formative! It is going to save you so much time grading papers.
The first thing I did was to upload a worksheet I use and put in the questions and answers. Upload your students or give them the code and assign it to them. When they open goformative.com, they will see what you have assigned them. Then watch as they are working and tell students to go back and answer the questions they have missed. You can immediately get rid of any misconceptions as they are working!


Thank you for the information. I look forward to using Formative when we return from Spring Break.


Definitely good to know that you can annotate on your docs or pdfs!


I am new to here :slight_smile: and have a few questions.
How can I change my user name? I set up my profile and it seemed to be unable to be edited.
Do I need to do anything for the “viewed 10 topics” badge other than view 10?
Do I need to complete all level 1 before I can get credit for level 2?
That is all, thank you! I am loving GoFormative and hope to get certified in the future.


Hi Mrs. Rochon,

Welcome to the Formative Community! We really appreciate you creating this topic. I bet other @new_members have the same questions or other questions about getting started and I encourage everyone to add to this thread! To answer your questions:

Currently, your username is automatically generated based on the email you use for your Formative account. I am going to touch base with you over private messaging about changing your’s and if anyone else would like to discuss this, please message me or just reply to this thread!

You do not need to do anything else. This is one of our manually awarded badges and we award them each night!

No, you can earn them in any order! I am glad you discovered them as they serve as a menu of ways you can learn and collaborate with other educators in our community! I encourage you to take your time to enjoy the community and earn them. There are new/updated conversations to engage in pretty much every day!


Thank you for all of your help!


You are very welcome! Feel free to continue posting more questions here! I’d love to help :slight_smile:


Hi All. I am new to this community center and am really enjoying reading and learning from the posts. However, every time I open a new strand of conversation to read it, the only way I can figure to go back to the original area is to use the back buttons on the browser. Is there a way for me to change a setting so that when I click on a link, it allows me to open the conversation in a new window, without navigating from where the conversation is housed?


Hey Shai,

I am glad you are enjoying it so far :slight_smile: Just to clarify, are you finding that you want a new tab opened when you navigate to a new page in the community? You could right click on the thing you want to navigate to and then select “Open Link In New Tab”. I don’t think you mean external links (outside of the community site) but if you do, let me know!


When I click on a link to read/respond to conversation, I would like that to open in a new tab. I can definitely do the right click, but I was was wondering if there is a setting that I am missing that will automatically open all new clicks in a new tab. I would rather that, and close the tab when I am done with with that strand of posts, then to have to navigate back and back. For instance, when I do a search, I would like to open whatever I click on in a new tab, but leaving the search results unaffected.