What learning platforms do you use for flipping your classroom?


Hi everyone! @pflynn and I are continuing our slow chat this week all about flipped learning. It has been great to hear all of the different ideas of how others are flipping out! Can you tell I love a little “flipping” humor? :slight_smile:

Today we would love to hear all about the great tools and platforms you use to help flip a classroom for your students. If you have any specific examples, please share those as well Also, if you have any questions or want to learn more about other platforms - just jump right in!


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Chat Opportunities!
What does flipped learning look like in your classroom?

https://learn.playposit.com/learn/ is good for content, process, product and lastly the environment of the class.
https://www.khanacademy.org/coach/dashboard is good for content and processing as well.
I like to use the following for individualized learning to meet the unique pace of various students.
https://www.tes.com/en-us/teaching-resources for content and process
Google Slides: Content, Process and Product
https://www.esparklearning.com/: and https://www.masteryconnect.com/ for Standards Based Mastery
Personalized Learning Pathways and Choice Boards: for Student choice and voice.


I have used several platforms for Flipped Learning:

  • I have used Iorad to show teachers and students step by step ways to do something.
  • I have also used Flipgrid to have students explain something and then use it the following year. Two years ago I gave students a Grid that said “A Literary Analysis is…” and I had them listen to each person’s one thing they said on the topic for the class. I then had students review that for their state test. The next year (this past year), I had students watch the videos from the older students and they were so into listening to the juniors and they were sophomores.
  • I have used Choice Boards where students find their own way to show their work and understanding. They can then learn from one another and see different ways to approach it.

One of my favorite flipping apps is EdPuzzle. Allows you to add questions inline to videos.



I used Edpuzzle, Formative, Wizer and Edmodo in my flipping experience.
I also used Symbaloo Learning Paths.


What awesome resources! Thanks for sharing @rsanders ! I had never seen Play Posit - definitely going to have to check that out a little more!


Great ideas @fichtlis thanks for sharing!


I have used lots of different platforms over the last several years experimenting with what worked best for me. Due to network restrictions at our school and student device restrictions, I started simple with YouTube and Google Forms embedded via HTML. When Formative arose, I used that for feedback / practice / verification. I’ve also experimented with Google Classroom and Canvas as content delivery options but I still prefer to create my own videos.

As a math teacher it’s important to me that my students get alternative ways of viewing things so often I will curate other examples for students to look at too.


I have been a long time use of Symbaloo - but never used a learning path. Would you care to share more about these @prof.branco?


Did you have a preference between these two? I have always used Google Classroom, but my district has been asking people to try out Canvas.

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I piloted both for our district. Canvas has a LOT of features but is also harder to use. I anticipate a lot of our not-so-“tech-savvy” teachers will resist Canvas because it takes a lot of time and effort to use.

Personally, Google Classroom is easy to use and portable (mobile app is friendly). Canvas is more full-featured LMS. I’m still torn. If I were to have the time to build out a course / unit fully in Canvas, I would use it. Otherwise I default to Google Classroom because it’s simple.



I used Symbaloo Learning Paths as a gamified tool or as a guide to self paced learning.

Check this:

And here is the website:


I use Flipgrid, Newsela and many of the Microsoft tools including Teams and all the resources that it offers. I recently started using goformative and hope to use it extensively next year.


I used to post a video to my wikispaces (RIP wikispaces) and follow it up with some questions. I have made my own videos using screen cast o matic, explain everythings, and just videoing myself with iPad/video recorder and posting on youtube. But now Go Formative has been my main platform for flipping my classroom. It is my one stop shop for an effective flipped lesson - I embed videos that I usually have edited in EdPuzzle or create using powerpoint recorder, embed interactives from sites like geogbra, add rich formative assessment questions that provide important instructional data and feedback. Students are able to respond in a variety of ways whether its a show your work, audio recording, or text. Students know where to go and can easily access all of this in a user friendly / flexible platform. Here’s an example https://goformative.com/clone/HSXWNK of a flipped lesson I created.


I use Google Classroom as a staging area since we are a GAFE district now, but I throw links in to Hyperdocs, Edmodo, Symbaloo, Padlet and videos (YouTube, TedEd, Flipgrid) I am working on choice boards. I was thinking about a Bingo choice board. I am thinking to have mixed levels of artifacts but they need to get a bingo. I have not seen anything like this so I am playing around with the idea.
@masjones Adding questions to videos is a keeper :slight_smile: @loliveira A few years ago I introduced students to Newsela and there was one student who was at a 4th grade reading level, but the end of the semester he had read so much on his own he moved up to 8th grade (so he made it to grade level) and he just kept on reading. Cool right? If things go like I have planned, Go Formative is going to be a big landing page for my students this year.


@clsnyder-renfro Carrie that is awesome. I have found that when the students can choose the articles they read they tend to read a lot independently. I have found that some students are even reading during the summer. That is pretty cool. I love Newsela.


Thanks for sharing your example! I feel like this is a great highlight for just how much Formative can help to organize and house all your flipping needs!


I am noticing that several people have mentioned they love to record their own videos - what sites does everyone like to use to record, store, and share them with your students?

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I use the built-in screen recording from iOS on an iPad. I back it up to Google Photos using the app, then upload it to YouTube from there. I use MS OneNote for free-handed notes, MS PowerPoint for recording and annotating on slides, and MS OneDrive for annotating on PDF files (all while screen recording). I know it seems a bit contradictory to use all that Microsoft stuff on an iPad but it works really well!


Here’s a demo I did of a screen recording on the iPad. The video’s purpose was to show other teachers the iPad but in it I show a few apps I use daily.

OneNote, Zoom, OneDrive, Lens, Google Photos