What is one of your major goals for this upcoming school year, either inside or outside of work?



Last night, Edumatch founder Sarah Thomas hosted a wonderful #formativechat where everyone to share their goals for the new school year. We want to continue the conversation here and encourage you to share your own goals below!


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One of my goals is to get my Google Certified Innovator (#LAX18) project off the ground. My main project is centered around digital badging and creating a way for educators to use their open badges as a digital currency. This will hopefully be achieved by partnering with local businesses and organizations that recognize the yet-to-be-created app called Badgecoin that will allow educators to use the badges they have earned from our SCOE Badge Project towards their purchase at a business that recognizes the app. Long way to go with this, but I hope to play this vision out within the year!


One of my goals for this school year is to learn how to use the Formative tracker more efficiently so that I can track the standards my students are supposed to be learning more effectively. To achieve this goal, I plan on working on making sure every Formative question has a standard tagged, checking the tracker every Friday so that I can plan the next week more effectively, and using more open ended questions for my students’ exit tickets.

My second goal for this school year is to have all of the history, art and music curriculum aligned to the LA standards. Wyoming does not have required history, art and music to be a tested area. However, I know that more informational reading, writing, and speaking is being done in these courses than in just LA. These classes are just as critical for skills as LA. To do this, we are using Formative as a way to track the exit ticket questions and tagging standards in addition to other methods. This is a year-long project in which the other teachers will need to commit time to develop this concept as our middle school is a language arts program regardless the class.


That sounds like an awesome goal! I love digital badging and your idea of making it usable as currency. Badgecoin is such a cool and timely name :slight_smile: How will your badges be connected to businesses that you partner up with? For example, do you plan on aligning the focus of specific badges with specific businesses? (ex: doing three free digital breakouts for a discount on physical Breakout supplies?)


Awesome, I love those ideas for using the tracker! Since we now have the Depth of Knowledge Levels available within Formative you could tag them to your questions to keep track of the number of open-ended ones you are asking and track student performance on different levels of thinking:


Also, I am hoping to recruit educators to share how they are using the Student Growth Tracker in a virtual learning session so that all educators can learn new ideas for using it. If anyone is interested, let me know!

Great idea! Are you guys planning on doing any cross-subject projects? Here’s a great one from @apeters!


@david Thanks for the feedback on my project. It is going to be quite the undertaking, but it is something I am definitely passionate about. So I am still in the early stages of this, but the badges may or may not be connected to a business we have partnered with. In fact, one thing that we have done with our badge project is made it to where the donations we raffle off are specifically to celebrate the adult learner. So what they usually win isn’t connected to their classroom/learning environment at all. For instance, we get pairs of tickets donated to us by our Gallo Center of Performing Arts and is one of the things that people look forward to winning the most. It is more like them winning something and going to celebrate it with someone for learning something new to improve their craft. The feedback we have received from our participants has been overwhelmingly positive with this so we have stuck with it. :slight_smile: I do like your thought of doing 3 digital breakouts = discount on Breakout stuff. We will see where it goes. Thanks for asking.


One of my goals for the upcoming year is to really focus on engagement. I read “The Wild Card” by Hope and Wade King this summer and really hope to put some of their practices into my own classroom. I found their passion and enthusiasm encouraging and want to work on making the most for my students each and every day!


Ah, gotcha! That sounds like a fun way to go about it! If you are interested, @mgarcia @brent.hall & I did a reading group about student badging in the past. There were some great resources in there that might be applicable to what you are doing if you want to check it out :slight_smile:


Balance. Not get frazzled and enjoy both my school life and my home life as much as I can. Know that I am blessed.


Sweet man! Thanks for sharing out. One of our next steps with our badge project is to launch a fully-fledged student-led badging program. Badging by students, for students. I will definitely look at your resources within that chat. Appreciate it David!


You got it! That’s so cool that you are creating a student-led badging program. I would love to hear more about this once you get started :slight_smile:


It’s so important to find a balance between school and home life. One strategy I think that can help to create more time for the latter while not neglecting the former is grading less (ex: homework) and spending more time giving personalized feedback in class. @Danielle_Moore talked about it in this MyTechToolbelt podcast. She’s got a great goal each class of interacting with every student and giving them feedback.


Will do…I’ll keep you posted.