What are some teaching practices that you've stopped doing in order to maximize your time with students?



I was happy to co-host with @david on Monday. We’d love to continue the conversation here in the community. Here is question 3 from our twitter chat.
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In order to maximize time with my students, I’ve really focused on the feedback loop within my classroom. Feedback happens throughout the learning process as opposed to “grading” something at the end. This allows me to be in the learning at the time, and the end results from students are able to reach that mastery and exceeding level.


Less direct instruction, streamline based on data from #formativeassessment, less memorization more create/construct/collaborate.Focused more on the process #trusttheprocess


Silent Sustained Reading is something I’ve stopped because only a small select were actively reading. I’d rather scaffold that reading and have them talk through their reading. It’s way more busy and loud, but purposeful.


I have stopped grading/checking homework. If the homework is a problem set, I post all solutions to any homework on the LMS and have students check it for correctness and will take any questions. Most of the homework I assign involve students watching a lecture video that I have recorded. Most videos are less than 15 minutes long. I then incorporate a goFormative at the start of class to see what the students learned from the video, what I need to reinforce, and what the students have mastered. We use the formative as a starting point. Most often, the students then end up doing another formative later in the class period to check for understanding.