Way to delete results?


Good Morning Community…Happy Monday! I have been playing around in my account this morning, but I cannot figure out a way to delete a student’s results from a formative. I thought I was able to delete results and re-assign to allow a student (or a few students) to re-take a formative. Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


I normally don’t delete the answers, but I keep the formative open for edits. That is the best way for students to get their answers edited, but see where they may have veered off the track.


I believe when you are on the results page and totals and you click on the student’s name an x appears for you to delete their results and begin again.


@Lisa_Scumpieru…that is a great idea. I don’t usually leave my formatives open for editing. Is there a way for you to keep track of each time the student makes an edit to the formative? I want to be able to see the growth each time they get an answer wrong and re-submit.


Thanks @Smkendal. I am going to hold off on deleting the students for the time being, but I appreciate you giving me that tip! I really want to be able to see each time a student has attempted the same formative. I would like to be able to measure growth. Do you know if this is possible?


Not that I know of, but I normally have students send me a private message via Google Classroom when they redo an assignment so that I can know to relook at it.


Ahhh gotcha. That I do not know of. I am sorry.


That is a fantastic way to keep track of attempts @lisa! Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t know that I would have thought to do that on my own :slight_smile:


@Dean_Ward Another possible option would be to make a copy of the assignment and add “re-take” or “make-up” to the title. Then when you assign it, explain that this should only be completed by students re-taking it or doing it as make-up work. That way you would be able to keep the original data intact, but still offer the student a way to improve his or her score. I do this a lot with tests, especially when a student is absent.


@tbland This is exactly what I have been searching for!!! Thank you so much. This solves my data being replaced with new scores issue :slight_smile: Now I can keep track of student progress within my Tracker! Thank you, thank you!! And it looks like you are new to our Community too, so welcome!!


No problem! Thank you for the welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Now you can even give a student a guest code/link (as a comment on the one they need to retake, via Google Classroom message, email, or in person). This way, you don’t need to assign the retake to the entire class, and only those who have the code/link will show up in that retake assignment. :slight_smile: