Using One of David's App Smashing Ideas



Hello. I just wanted to share that I used Today’s Meet with Formative on Friday and I’m glad that I took the risk. It went really well. For anyone that is going to do this, you really have to make a formative for each class and a Today’s Meet room for each class. Also, when you go to embed it, you must make it live and then when you go to embed, you should choose “other”. That took me the longest. Here is my example:

Appsmashing With Formative!
Todays Meet in a Formative

Hi @Lisa_Scumpieru I did not attend the webinar and missed out on this. What is the purpose of using Today’s Meet? Are you all watching a video and taking notes in there? Having a class discussion and students are posting questions in there?

Thank you!


Thanks for example. It’s great how you were able to give your students a chance to collaborate and apply what they learn to their independent planning. I am going to try Today’s Meet for a group review and I’ll let you know how it goes!


You can still watch the video. It is attached for you to view. I did not see it live, but watched it a day later. I used Today’s meet so that students could have a live chat with one another in Formative and see one another’s responses about their research and then see where they needed to go individually from there. It was rather successful. I can see a lot of ways of using it.


That is so cool! I ended watching it. Definitely a great idea!


So, I was really excited about blending my flipgrids with formative so that I could embed videos of myself and then have students respond with their own videos, right in formative.

It did not work out as I had hoped. The students were able to see my video and record their videos, but their videos were never submitted or saved anywhere. When I checked student progress, even though all the students were active in their task and recording video, the class engagement page showed nothing and nothing was visible on the flipgrid page either. So it appears my grand idea is not yet possible (unless I missed a step somewhere).


Hi Lisa,

Just to confirm, did you close the TodaysMeet session? I cannot open yours. Is there a problem at my end?



Sorry about that Andy. Do you know if your students were actually able to click on the “Submit” button after creating their video responses within Formative? This may be what we are experiencing here as well (click the card below to see) and feel free to respond within that thread since we are talking about issues with the Flipgrid embed there:


Yes, I tried similar activities in 3 classes. All were able to view my video and record their videos. They could see “submit” tabs for both the flipgrid and formative, but then couldn’t submit and there was nothing visible for me. I checked both formative and flipgrid sites and nothing shows up on either one.


Thanks for the feedback Andy. Upon further investigation, it looks like the submissions were blocked since it’s technically a form and certain forms can pose risks to our platform. We are looking into allowing it. In the meantime, you can include the link for the Flipgrid in your formative or have students open it in a new tab. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Appsmashing With Formative!

Yes. I did close it, sorry.


For the Today’s Meet, we have been researching climate change independently and I wanted students to share one thing that they learned or were intrigued about. Afterward, they all looked at the answers and took some of the data or info. they thought might be good for their research and decided whether or not they had enough research or if they needed to do more.


@Lisa_Scumpieru So I wanted to follow up and report that I did use Today’s Meet in my classroom, but not in the way I originally intended. While I initially pictured using it so that students could have a backchannel to answer each other’s questions about a class topic, the way that @JoeMarquez70 uses Formative for student accountability sparked another idea.

I decided to use it for learning reflection over the course of a week long investigation about energy. I followed the KWL format:


While students exclusively used Formative for the K part to show me what they know, I had them use a Today’s Meet chatroom embedded within a formative for the “What I Want To Know” part so that they had the opportunity to stoke each other’s curiosity. I used it for the “What I Learned” part so that they could not only share what they learned, but also compare that with what their peers learned.

Here’s my series of formatives in case you want to check them out

Forms of Energy Formatives?

This is cool. Another idea on how to use Formative and Today’s Meet together! I will definitely save this idea. I really like what you’ve done here. Great job.


Thanks Lisa! Yeah, I found that Today’s Meet and Formative worked really well together! I really appreciate the idea :grinning:


Whew. I’m finally getting a change to share my app smashed Formative. I used Flipgrid and Formative to have my students demonstrate their skills in telling time in Spanish. Thanks to everyone who’s been helpful in these forums!


When padlet was updated recently with new formats, I was able to create columns and I began using it for my KWL chart. Since Today’s Meet is no longer available, padlet a a good alternative.