Using Formative when you have a substitute teacher



I use formative as a way to monitor student productiveness when I am out of the classroom. When I am at home sick, I have watched students working around the time they should be on that activity. I am then able to see who was working on what they needed as well as assess their knowledge. I use Time for Kids. I include photos of the article as well as comprehension questions I would want them to answer if I was there. For math I reviewed work that we have done before. I have embedded videos as well as giving instructions as well as them completing work.

It has been a useful tool for me when I have been out.


I wish we were allowed to use tech when the teacher of record is out. One bad experience was too many for my admin :frowning:

I’m glad some others have that.


I’ve done the same thing! I really like the real time aspect of Formative, as well as the ability to share materials and resources for a lesson that might otherwise be hard to share with students when I’ve been out.


This is a fabulous idea and I can’t believe that I haven’t thought of this myself!! Next time I have a sub, I will definitely be using Formative!


I did this once while I was out at a PD day. I was able to monitor the students’ progress during lunch making sure that they were responding and on task.


I am always looking for ways to have my students do something meaningful when I am out. I love that I can embed websites and videos into Formative so I don’t have to send my students to multiple locations when I’m not there to make sure they are on task. It also allows me to check in on them throughout the day to see what they have accomplished.


We aren’t allowed to have subs work with students on their 1:1.


I use Formatives with subs frequently. My school is fortunate to have a 1:1 for freshmen. I too like the ability to monitor their work from home. I like that I can send comments to them on a particular question such as, “Remember to factor the GCF”, or “You forgot an accent mark”, etc. The only thing is that, I think, I’m not sure if that is the case, the students do not see the comment unless they are at that question. Am I right? If that is the case, then I think it would be helpful if the comments popped on the students’ window and specify for which question the comment is, unless it’s a general comment, and also have the ability of students replying. That way, students would not miss the comment and be able to reply if they want to. It would be like a mini-chat.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.


Thanks for the feedback Veronica! We recorded this as well as your other feedback that you shared in this thread: Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Yes! On sub days, I use EdPuzzle and Formative to teach/check their understanding. Since I have a few regular subs in my class, I usually text my sub to pull the students that did not master the skill by lunch time. The students know they are held to the same standard of learning whether I am there or not. I love how I can see their work in real time. Thanks for sharing!


I use Formative when I am out of the classroom. My students go on their laptop, and I post Formative, Ed Puzzle, Quizlet, etc. on Power School Learning or Google Classroom. It works well and the sub does not have to collect any papers. Any work not done can be done for homework. I generally give them until the day I come back from an absence. it works well!


I used it when I was attending a conference and actually gave a few students immediate feedback. Word spread like fire and the substitute left a note informing me all students stayed on task afterwards


When I give feedback like that, I always change the score to orange (for wrong, but you have feedback) and yellow (mostly right, possibly with feedback). There is a notifier at the top of the screen that shows students that they have feedback… click on the icon and it will show a list of comments. If students click on the comment, then it takes them to that specific problem in a that specific formative. Of course, I have to teach students to look for that notifier and then how to use it to make corrections.


Will use that awesome idea when needed.


I will use this next time I have a sub. Thanks!