Using Formative to Teach a Play!



Hello. I wanted to invite everyone to the webinar that I will do this Thursday at 3:45 - 4:15 p.m. EST. I will be showing how I used Formative to teach the play “Antigone” and what I learned by using Formative as the main vehicle for reading the play. If you want to ask any questions before or after, just ask away and I’ll try to address them during the webinar and give you a shout-out! Have a great evening and week.

Lisa Scumpieru

Formative Educator Spotlight: Lisa Scumpieru!

@ELA_Educators ! @Lisa_Scumpieru 's webinar starts NOW! You can watch live or later using the link she shared above :slight_smile: If you haven’t seen one of here #webinar in the past, you are in for a treat!


Lisa, thanks for sharing this webinar. It is surely a great guide for teachers to use formative while teaching a play (or any other piece of literature). It is well planned and organized with different opportunities for students to interact in discussions and stay engaged.


I am so happy that it has helped you! Have a great day.


I just saw that you made a webinar about this! I found and used your Antigone Formative in my class this year! I found that the way you broke up the text and added questions really helped break down the text for my kids, especially ones who struggle to digest a whole text. Thanks so much for that Formative!! :heart: