Using Formative in the ELA Classroom



Join me on Tuesday, November 21, at 10:00 AM (CST) for a Virtual Learning Session: “Using Formative in the ELA Classroom - Part 1”! It’ll be ideal for @ELA_Educators; however, anyone can view it and possibly get some ideas for any subject. I’m excited to take a leap in hosting my first session ever (of anything like this), so I hope I’m able to do well for everyone! :slight_smile:

Updated: Watch the full webinar below!



I’m excited for this and can’t wait to get some ideas from you! You’ve got this! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know the feeling Eric! Hopefully you’ll be surprised at how quickly you relax :wink: I’m excited to check out the recording of this session - 2am is a little too early for me on a school morning!


@ebryan You can do this, Eric! It may be a silly question, but will the video be available at another time? I have students at that time, so I may not be able to catch the whole presentation at 10.


@tbland It should be available later. It will be recorded, so I think it will end up being available at YouTube.


Thank you, @ebryan! My principal is giving me a sub and calling it a conference :slight_smile: I will be able to watch live! Good luck to you!


To watch live and/or watch it later, you can visit the same youtube link! It’s the one above that @ebryan included:

All our past #webinar topics have similar links you can use to view them as well!


Well done, @ebryan! Your Formatives were excellent! I really liked the music one and did something similar through last year. I teach “Fahrenheit 451” later in the school year with my eighth graders. I may just have to borrow your song idea and see if there are any songs out there about that novel :thinking: Thanks for sharing!


No problem, @tbland! Take it and share away! I’ll be doing the second part of my presentation next week! This one was a little scary; it was my first! :fearful:



Thank you so much for sharing this amazing presentation with our Formative Community. I enjoyed your Virtual Learning Session thoroughly. I really love Plot structure diagram you created! I gave you a shout out on Facebook today on our Formative page too :slight_smile: Thank you again so much!! Be sure to log onto Facebook and like your post!



@nicole I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the shout-out! :slight_smile:


Great webinar. I want to create student survey formatives for next year. Lovethis structure.


Glad it helped out! Thanks!


Thanks for the helpful ideas and suggestions! Returning from the holiday break will be a great time to use a student survey on Formative to encourage self-reflection at the mid-way point in the year.
Also, I really love the idea of a PDF upload that can be re-used based on the piece of literature being read at the time.
Thanks for sharing!


You’re welcome! It’s a great sort of ice breaker when we are starting up that new school year every August!
I also came across something similar last year at this time on Twitter from Nicole Beardsley. It works like a HyperDoc and allows the kids to reflect and set goals for the new semester. I used it last year with my semester classes. Here’s the link if you’re interested in using it or transforming it into a Formative:

If you have any other questions, let me know!


A New Year Formative to Share

Great! I just followed Nicole on Twitter, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll also take a look at the goal-setting link, which I just requested permission to view.

Thanks again for sharing!


I really enjoyed the ideas you shared in this webinar. I am a digital learning instructional specialist and because my background is math, I sometimes struggle when servicing my ELA teachers. You definitely have some great strategies and I now have a place to start with this population of teachers. Thank you so much for sharing, you are impacting teachers everywhere. :slight_smile:


@tbreaux1 Thank you so much! Let me know if you ever need anything else! I’m glad it could help you!


@gabor.kertesz Following up on the idea of teaching students processes for learning, check out Eric’s plot structure example here. I cued up the video to the part where he describes it!


Hi David

Thank you very much! I’ll definitely take a look at it over the weekend. So nice that you extra cued up the video, thank you. You rock!