Using Formative in Math Class for Student Engagement



I hosted a Virtual Learning Session on using formative in the math class for student engagement. Please check out the webinar below. If you have any questions please add them below @Math_Educators

Hosted by: Meredith Schnick


@Math_Educators This is going to be a great session! I hope you get the chance to check it out!


Great session. Highlights many ways to use Formative in a math class. Easy to understand and results are very powerful. Recommend sharing this to any teachers (especially math) to see the benefits and possibilities with Formative.


@d.vendramin thanks so much.


Sorry I missed the live webinar but just watched some of the uploaded video. I also teach 7th and 8th grade math in Pittsburgh, PA and like you, I started small by using Formative for warm-ups and exit slips. Once I found out (a) how useful the real-time data was and (b) how engaged my students were, I started creating entire lessons using Formative :grinning:


I’ve never incorporated writing in math … I’m going to try that out with my next theme. Thank you, @mlschnick!


Oh my goodness…I think you just changed my life! I LOVE hyperdocs, but my kiddos seem to get lost in the directions and lose their place with all the tabs, etc. This will make it a seamless scroll down and stay on the same tab process. Thank you!!


Which part of @mlschnick 's webinar were you referring to? What you are describing sounds amazing!


The embedding videos and other websites into the Formative. In a typical Hyperdoc there are links to both of those as well as other forms, slides, docs that need to be completed which cause the kids to have to “click around” to access all of those items. Even if they are on separate slides, I find that my kids miss parts and struggle to remember where they left off or what else needs to be completed. By using Formative in this manner it will all be in one place.


Oh gotcha, that is a really good point! I am glad that Formative can help you guys provide your students with quicker access to content!


This is a great webinar. I love how your kids are uploading their “show your work” portions in so many different ways!


Yes! You should now have it :slight_smile:


I agree. My students seem to get lost if they have too many tabs open. This allows for better organization and students don’t get lost with all the tabs.


I thought this was a very informative webinar. Especially with all of the different features that were displayed/utilized by this teacher. I have a long way to go with regard to embedding additional websites within my Formatives; however, I think that this webinar will help me better use features within the program. Thank you for sharing this info and all of your hard work!


OMG! I definitely needed the information on embedding another website. I didn’t try hard enough to actually find out how to do so and this was great. You have a point when you stated they can get lost with all the tabs, one tab is amazing with all the sites integrated.


@michael.lutz thank you. If you have any questions please contact me. Also, I would love to see the formative you do.


Hi Meredith @mlschnick, I created a Formative where students had to solve a problem (getting all people across a river). First, I asked them to describe their strategy. Then they had to solve the puzzle with this strategy. Finally, I asked them to tell me if their strategy was successful and why or why they had to adapt their version. Have a look at

If you want to try: click on the big blue button to start.

The rules are the following:

  1. No more than two persons may be on the raft.
  2. Only the father, mother and policeman can steer the raft.
  3. The father may only be with the girls in company with the mother.
  4. The mother may only be with the boys in company with the father.
  5. the thief may only be with family members when accompanied by the policeman.

The fastest workers solved the problem within 23 minutes. :wink:


@michael.lutz the link doesn’t seem to be working when I click on it.


There is a bug right now which is preventing you from accessing another teacher’s formative when logged in as a teacher yourself. If you log out of your Formative account and then visit that link, you should be able to see Michael’s formative. We are working on getting this fixed right now!


This is a great webinar. Love how formative allows for of virtual “math talks” as students explain their strategies. May I share with my math colleagues who are still on the fence about using goFormative?