Using Desmos (calculator and/or activities) with Formative



Hi! Are there any math teachers who use Desmos within a formative? Trying to think of ways to combine some of the Desmos activities with formative, in addition to just using the graphing calculator feature. (If you are not familiar with the premade Desmos activities, check out for a whole bunch of amazing things to try. You can also create custom Desmos activities.)
Trying to think of ways I might be able to combine the 2 things, and am wondering if anyone else has any ideas!
HS math teacher


I’ve only used the Formative graphing tool.
Alg 1:
-Graph the given equation. Now graph another line parallel/perpendicular to that point.

  • Give specific data (slope and point on the line, two points, etc). Students type in the equation that satisfies that criteria.

I see you teach Geo. They didn’t have this feature when I taught Geo, but here’s an idea:

  • Give three points. Graph these and determine the 4th point needed to create a (specific quad). Find the equation for each side and graph them. (They should connect sets of points.) Students can then be asked to explain how they KNOW their point is correct. They can use slopes to prove parallel/perpendicular lines for each quad.

You can try this.


Good idea, Tricia! Thanks!


Thank you for the link!


Exactly! I also use this same idea for polynomial graphs. I have the students use desmos to get the idea of the graphs, then on later questions I use the “Show Your Work” question type, have the students do a VERY ROUGH sketch of graph in gF, then use desmos to confirm their sketches.


Ones they graph on desmos or any other web app they can snip and save.
Then add as an image to show tour work section.


Then add as an image to show your work section.


This is how I created graphing question for my formative PD. And I am also going to use this to as students graph IGCSE Chemistry Paper 6 graphing questions.