Upload a personal video


me too…the random question in the middle of the video also gets them. :slight_smile:


That’s the best part, I’v been using it so much in my French classes, it’s a great tool to help them review and keep them engage, and also make them practice listening to French.


I embed Flipgrid into Formative, but did not see the plus sign. Can someone show me the tips?

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Oops…I think I figure it out now. I just need to Embed a Fully Functional Topic.



This may be a little late, but you can upload any video to your Google drive, and embed it on Formative (or any other place you wish). Google drive will provide you with the embed code, though it is as not intuitive to find.

  1. Open the video on your Google drive, and click on more actions (the three dots on the right)
  2. Select Open in New Window
  3. Once it opens in a new window, click on More actions again, and select embed item.
  4. The window with the embed code opens.

**In that same “New Window” you can change the sharing settings as you would for anything else. Particularly useful if you are using this for student work and you only want it to be available to the people within your district, for example. The embed code will still work for people logged in to your district servers, but it will not work for others.


Nicely done, @mgarcia! Actually it’s never too late because learning still remains a process :smiley:


Thanks for showing this @mgarcia ! Fits into my workflow well !