Upload a personal video


Hi Formative Community!! Happy Tuesday :grin:

I have been trying to upload a personal video from my desktop to my formative. Is this not a possibility? Does anyone have any workarounds, or programs they use to embed videos outside of YouTube?

Thank you in advance!!



If the video is under five minutes and you have Flipgrid premium, you can place the video into Flipgrid and then have students watch the video and reply with the Flipgrid embedded into Formative. Is there a reason you don’t want to use Youtube? Hope you don’t mind me asking. Have a great evening.


I think some schools block youtube from student use. That might be @Corrine_Taylor 's hiccup with it.

I know right now with formative, the only videos you can imbed are youtubes. I look forward to the day when my formative can be linked with my google drive and I can add my videos, docs, etc directly to it.


Hi @Corrine_Taylor!

You could put the video into EdPuzzle! It is actually a video quiz system, but you do not need to add any questions to it and students don’t need logins!


@Lisa_Scumpieru…I have student created videos on my personal drive. I guess I could always upload them to YouTube, I was just hoping I could upload them directly from my files. I also don’t know that I want to upload the videos to YouTube due to student privacy, etc. I do not have a Flipgrid Premium account, but I do use a lot of videos, so I may want to look into it. It sounds more secure to me than Youtube. You rock! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:



@AndyB…good point! I wasn’t even thinking about that. I did just verify that YouTube is on our school’s blocked sites. Thanks for helping me think out loud…I think it would still be cool if I could upload videos straight from my files :):grinning:



@Smkendal is this free? I am going to have to give EdPuzzle a try. I don’t even have an account, so I will start there. Thanks for this workaround!! It will be even better if it is free :slight_smile: @Lisa_Scumpieru…did you know about this?



@Corrine_Taylor Free :slight_smile:


I have a colleague that uses EdPuzzle a lot. He teaches Social Studies. I have yet to check it out.


@AndyB I think you can embed videos from any source that offers embed codes and uses “https”. You can just select the “Embed” option and then paste in the embed code. Here’s an example of embedding a video from Vimeo.


I also embed Flipgrids into Formatives.


@Smkendal…SWEET! Thanks!! I have already created my first activity to embed!! Thanks so much again!


@Lisa_Scumpieru…I just created an account with Flipgrid…going to give it a go too! Thanks for the great info, I didn’t know I could embed from Flipgrid!! Thanks again! :smile:



@casey_liu…wow! Thanks so much for the vimeo resource on embedding. Good to know I may be able to embed even more than I thought was possible. This was very helpful! I am new to the whole “embed” movement, and this thread has helped me kicked me into high gear :wink: Thanks again for this info!!



I use edpuzzle when I have students watch videos. I find that if I don’t they just click in increments to get done faster.


Hello, @Lisa_Scumpieru, @AndyB, we have the same problem, a lot of youtube videos are blocked for our students.


Our county has just allowed teachers to approve the videos to be watched by the school system. Students need to be signed on with their school accounts via Youtube to watch them.


Are other sites like Vimeo blocked as well? You can embed videos from other sources as Casey shows here: Upload a personal video


VImeo works for us, I used it last year for IB French.


@Pebble_Johnson…I love edpuzzle!