Unassign or hopefully folders for students

All of them. I want students to know when they are due, since this is when kids know I will do the final evaluation. The way I work is that kids know that there is a date to turn in, but if after that date/assessment they take it upon themselves to go back and correct or respond to feedback I have a whole “regrade” process that gives them the ability to re-work until they are satisfied.
This is the main reason I avoided GC until I was basically forced into it this year.

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Thanks! While this is just a workaround and classes are not meant to be used in this way, I love the idea of formatives being searchable based on how relevant they are. If students could filter formatives on their student dashboard by open vs. closed, would that meet your need?

Thanks! I like that process and what a great visual of the process. The emoji at the bottom is so funny!

For right now, it most likely would. I would have to start making sure i use the open/closed feature more.

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If you unassign the formative-do you lose the student answers?

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No, but ALL the student data, from ALL your classes and all guests, ends up in the ALL ‘class’ all mixed together in alphabetical order.

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Welcome to our amazing community,@jalbert! To add on to @tricia.mintner, if you re-assign the formative, all the responses will re-appear under the class tab (as opposed to ALL tab):

Sorry I just realized something. Currently, if you are opening formatives up before you want your students to take them (and they are part of your class), they’ll be able to take them on their student dashboard. Is there some other additional issue that implementing this new feature (allowing students to view assigned formatives in folders)…presents?

Maybe the folder feature could toggle between ‘open all assignments in this folder’ and ‘manually open assignments’. Then teachers could keep their Formatives organized for the students without having to move them in and out of ‘open’ folders. :slight_smile:

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Based on what we’ve discussed so far, this feature wouldn’t show all the formatives in a folder on the student end. It would only show formatives in the folder that are currently assigned. So there would be no need to move any out of folders.

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The ability to assign/see a start date and a due date would be extremely helpful. That way, the work organizes itself and coincides nicely with my gradebook. (so I don’t have to keep checking my calendar/agenda).

Also, you asked why keep it open after taking a grade? After a test the students who fail need to go back and complete the formative work they skipped. I would like to open it to those individual students, but not the whole class. Is that possible?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely possible! It’s one of the use cases we hope to provide for with being able to “assign to individual students” feature idea. Maybe we should refer to it as…“control the assign details for individual students” so it speaks to how encompassing it would be :slight_smile:


So this was back in 2018 and I think it really needs to be revisited…especially since we are 100% online and the list the students see is incredibly disorganized and doesn’t really make sense to them…


I agree this needs to be revisited.

There should be a way for our students to manage/sort their assignments. Or, the formatives on their end be grouped in the folders teachers create.

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