Two step questions



Is it just me, or does anyone who give their students two step questions have the issue that the kids will only answer part of the question and not the full thing? I dont know how to get it across to them that there is multiple parts! Forget if there is three questions - oye!

For example Look at these questions. I will always get half an answer. However, testing as you may know requires them to have all of an answer.


So stop using two step questions :wink:. Instead expect one answer for one question:

Question 2 would be a short answer, question 3 an essay.


Yes but sometimes state tests or district require the kids to have those kinds of questions


What I’ve found useful as training is adding bolded numbers to two-part questions. So, for example, your question 2 becomes:

In the beginning, they must answer that question using the numbers as identifiers. Much like color-coding CER answers, as they gain practice, the addition of the numbers in their responses becomes a non-requirement. It does take a lot of practice, though.


Good idea @mgarcia.

Another option would be to upload the picture or document with the original formatting (two+ questions in one prompt)… .and then break it down into each part on the side. That way students SEE that the ONE prompt is really multiple questions.

A third option is one I’ve used just recently. One of our concepts is to read a word problem and set up TWO equations from the information. What I did is I wrote the whole prompt, but then bolded key information from that problem and then bolded the question I wanted answered for that part. Then I duplicated the question and highlighted the other part that needed to be answered. ((


I have done that with some multi-step questions as well. I actually work with my students and show them how to answer a multi-step question especial with AP Biology free response questions.


I like to write the state version of the question using text (or a picture), then put each part of the question as a separate GoForm question.