Tools for Accessibility and Apps to Use with GoFormative that help students with special needs



Day 4 and 5 (sorry going through finals and lost a day) of our week-long slow-chat about servicing students with special needs:
What features do you look for in a tool that offers accessibility for special needs students?
What other apps complement GoFormative to create diverse and accessible learning experiences?
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What a great question. I can’t wait to read the replies.


Is this only here or on twitter?


Slow chat is only in the community but feel free to tweet out your response as well. Slow chat provides an easy place to follow convo and basically response do not have limits. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Chat Opportunities!

Wow! So many things here. I figure every learner has their awesomeness. The trick is helping them find it.
I just wrote a blog about technology integration for teachers. If you have time to read - tell me what you think.
Tools and integration:

  1. Read tools to support ELL and Special Ed
  2. This year I am going to use podcasts to help students share their voice with no one watching,
  3. Blogs for those who need to practice writing & develop portfolios, who love to create and like technology.
  4. Drawing tools for kinesthetic learners - digital and real world. I just got some tablets for my classroom and I hope they provide another way for screen swiping to give students the “perfect gel pen” feel. Do you know what I am talking about?
  5. Video features - we have a youtube generation. I forget the statistics about youtube searches per hour or something - but I heard them once and it made a huge impact on “I better include this in my lesson strategies!” I am hoping I can integrate VLOGS too. I love Barbies Vlog:) Random right? But freaking awesome model of a Vlog and she cracks me up. I feel like I KNOW Barbie personally. I randomly found this and now refer often. I feel like this one is a perfect model for students to use so they can create their own. You totally need to watch if you want to laugh and say “What the Heck?! This is amazing!” I am listening again to this one while I write and there is a huge smile on my face. "beinginspired #changetheworld #relevant


This is such an awesome list, @clsnyder-renfro ! I love the idea of allowing students to create their own podcasts. I could see them using this as a platform to record each stage of their learning process from talking through new concepts to demonstrating what they’ve learned! I just read your article and appreciate the shout-out to both #formativechat and the community center! We are so happy to have you on-board!


Thanks, It was really early in the morning when I pushed submit and I just found a few grammar issues so I apologize : ) I was proud to be connected to the Formative family. I included you in my toolbox image that I created also:) Watch Barbie’s vlog if you have time - I know she’s a “girl” but it is pretty cool - and short.


Wal-Mart usually has a cheap stylus set (pack of three) for about $3 in the check-out lane. They worked really well on my iPads and I’ve sold them ($1 a stylus) to my students for years now. Students like writing with their fingers, but they feel like they have more control for details with the stylus.