Tips for Math Teachers! (Please add ideas and provide feedback!)

Hi @Math_Educators!

We have recently created an article in the Help Center with tips for Math teachers using Formative. You can check it out here!

We’d love to hear your feedback on this so that we can make it a fantastic resource for everyone using Formative in a Math classroom. Do you have any tips we could add? Is anything missing the mark? Let us know here!

Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:


I frequently use show your work with an answer blank (short answer or numeric) afterwards. It is a fantastic suggestion.

You could include that one problems can be written over multiple questions: the equation in one blank and an answer in a second.

My state exam uses text boxes for “show your work” problems, so using the essay box to have students explain algebraic thinking is also helping my classes ( I specifically ask them to solve by annotating their work ).


I just want to say I love the feedback on the Show Your Work. There is a small glitch that if students write while your drawing feedback it will erase all my notations.


I would highlight this aspect on the math page!

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I was thinking of another update that would help math teachers is in the show your work section. That bar that shows the question is kinda poor to see the whole problem. It would be nice if goformative would add a button that would reflect the question above like an automatic image.

The effort to rewrite the question on the show you know is challenging for some especially my students with IEPs. I keep post images but this is twice the work and I really want to build all my resources using goformative.

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Yes! This would be fantastic. Some of my kids are figuring out to screenshot the image and then upload to their show your work page, but not all.