Timestamp a question to a video


I was wondering if I could timestamp a question in a video? If I imported a video could I put a question into the formative that either moves the video to the section of interest or have a question highlighted when the video is at the right part.

Would it also be possible to show if the video in the formative was played?


It sounds like you might be interested in using EDpuzzle! You can crop a video to specific start and end times. You an add questions/comments within the video itself. EDpuzzle saves the student answers for you. Some people in the Formative Community have mentioned putting a note/comment at a specific point. “Answer this question in Formative bubble #.” EDpuzzle allows you to ‘lock’ the video as well, so that students can’t just ‘skip ahead’ to each of the questions.

You can do a search within the community for ‘EDpuzzle’ several posts should pop up.


I do agree edpuzzle has a great function with videos, but I’m trying not to over saturate my students with tech log ins. I will be using MSFT Teams/OneNote and Quizizz/kahoot and I was hoping adding just Formative for in class problems. I guess that’s a question, how many log ins is too much? Would Edpuzzle do enough to compensate for the extra learning curve time?

How many apps/websites do a typical teacher use and where is the line of too many?


Great questions! We can definitely consider these features. I really love the workaround that @tricia.mintner shares too! Another idea I just thought off is that now that you can add content on top of a document you upload, you could add clips of a certain video as content and put them next to questions you want students to answer before, during, or after watching that clip. To create the clips, I know that there are certain sites that allow you to create them with youtube videos like https://ytcropper.com/.


Most of my students login with Google to all the sites we use in class. Once they are logged into Google, then the embedded sites either recognize this Google login, or students can log into the embedded sites with Google from within the Formative. :slight_smile:

If you have the students answer questions within EDpuzzle, there will be a time/date stamp in EDpuzzle with the answers. You would need to log into your EDpuzzle account to view the answers.

If you want to grade only within Formative, put comments within the EDpuzzle video that direct students to answer in the Formative. (Also - if you use this method, you can set the Formative to a public setting so that students don’t need to log into EDpuzzle at all.)

Two years ago I had to have students write down all their usernames and passwords. It was a hassle. This past year was awesome, because all they needed was to know how to log into Google. :slight_smile: The nice thing about Formative is that you can make the Formative your ‘one’ place and then link/embed the other sites within the Formative.


You are correct about the google log in. My school used Google last year, but as we transition to Microsoft, I don’t know about the login memory, so I’m planning worst case.


Also, I created a quick and dirty lesson using the YT clipper from @david to try breaking a video into clips and then running a couple questions from the segments to see if it works. I’d like feedback to see if this would work, or if its easier to just embed edpuzzle.


I think it looks great Joe :slight_smile: It seems like a good way to break up a video into chunks to not only make sure students answer questions at certain points, but to make it easier for students to take in what they are watching.


I agree with @david. This looks great. Question: Did you set the video to loop, or does it do that automatically? Is there a way for you to turn it off before embedding? It may seem silly, but I know several of my students that wouldn’t realize that they were watching the exact same thing again.


Haha. On the YT clipper site the video can be set to loop or not. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t changed it to not looping. That’s a good catch though, I wouldn’t have caught that before I had assigned it.


I think that the clipping you used works, especially for longer videos. Though to your question, it is easier to embed an Edpuzzle. As @tricia.mintner mentions, you can embed the “shared with anyone” Edpuzzle with its embedded stopping points as comments, so students would not even have to log in, simply play it and scroll down to find the actual questions on Formative.

As to the log in “problem” without single sign-on, I’ve taught my 5-8 students to always use the same username, a base password and a rule for changing it depending on the site they are logging into. So for example if the base password is Skittles!22 and the rule is first three consonants of the site, the password for Formative is Skittles!22frm, while the password for Edpuzzle is Skittles!22dpz. This has worked really well for me and eliminated the login memory problem you mention.


Love that!! A base password plus a three consonants makes it easy for the teacher to help students as well without having to memorize a bunch of passwords.