The things you learn the hard way - Beware "return scores instantly"


I love this ‘count down’ idea.

This would be amazing!!


I love this idea! Maybe after they surpass the limit, the question could be marked another color (ex: purple) to indicate that it will no longer tell them if there response is correct or incorrect. I could see it being an issue if it remained red because a student might enter the right answer and be misled. Do you think having this alternate color is a good idea?

This is definitely something we are considering!


That sounds great! Purple doesn’t show up in the normal range of colors for grading. Teachers could still override the color by manually grading it if it didn’t change to red/green upon the submission.


Hi, I agree this can be a problem, but sometimes I like that option, for example when I am trying to get students to organize their knowledge of Mechanical and Electromagnetic waves, this is a base knowledge list of facts and for my special needs kids and my English Language learners the ability to move around the facts until it turns green is useful. As I walk around I can watch and have conversations.


@Jodie_Jantz Thank you so much for sharing this, Jodie. It’s good to know how the “Instant Scoring” option (as it stands) can be helpful in certain scenarios :slight_smile:


I like this. It was a point I didn’t think of. If it remained gray, the students may think they had not answered, and if it remained red or green they may be misled. Having another color, such as purple, for questions that are complete but not able to be instantly scored anymore is a good idea.


This is why I usually don’t make questions that allow them to just click. I found this out the hard way (like you) several years ago, and decided then that I wouldn’t allow multiple choice or T/F questions. Limiting the number of chances is a great option.