The Official Proficiency Formative


@david I have completed the test, submitted, and nothing has happened other than it takes me to my formative account. What do I need to so to show that I have taken it? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Maria! We check the proficiency formative each night and then follow up with people who took it via private messaging. We’ll follow up with you very soon :slight_smile:


I am unable to check how I did because it says :“Scores Returned:
Scores are returned when your teacher closes the assignment”


Hey Carrie,

That “Scores Returned” text should probably say something like “scores now available” and we can definitely get that fixed.

The formative is set to return scores “instantly” so if you are looking at it, you should see your overall score at the top of the formative as well as the questions you missed (if any). In addition, we check the formative every night and follow up with educators who’ve earned 100% as well!


I need to send you a picture because mine does do what you say it should, but I don’t want to post my answers here…so I will respond to a message that you sent me.


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I took this, but don’t see any scores. How do I know if I got any questions correct or incorrect—to know whether or not I have to retake it?


Great question! Currently the proficiency formative does not show you your score after you press submit. We will follow up via private messaging (within 24-48hrs) if you score 100%!


I took the proficiency formative and I think I got it all? It logged me out before I can see my scores.

I am slowly making my way up the Level 2 ladder and so far, I am enjoying all the things I have learned. I already recreated a Formative for a practice exercise that I used to do in Socrative. I hope it goes well!


Hey Kathleen! I just awarded you with your Formative Proficiency badge! Congrats! It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the process! That’s what it’s all about, learning and collaborating!


I’m so happy with the tool. :slight_smile:


I took the assessment and passed it about a week ago but I have not heard back. Did I do something wrong?


Sorry for the delay! We just awarded it to you :slight_smile: