The Official Proficiency Formative


To become eligible to be a Formative Certified Educator, you must demonstrate your proficiency with the Formative features. To do so, you can take the Official Certification Formative by clicking here!

After you submit, we will follow up with you via private messaging in the Community Center. If you’ve scored 100%, you will receive your Formative Proficiency badge! If you did not, you may take it again at anytime.

Please note, scoring 100% on the Official Proficiency Formative is not the only prerequisite to applying to be a Formative Certified Educator. You must also earn all Level 1 and Level 2 achievement badges. Once you do both, you can apply to be a Formative Certified Educator here.

Good luck and may the Formative be with you!


The first link takes me to my Formative home page, but nothing happens.


@goformativeadmin I am having the same issue with the Cert Formative. I takes me to my Formative homepage with no new Formative.


Same goes for me when I click the link


Sorry about that! We see the issue. You must first log out of your Formative account in order to access this formative (as a guest student). We can see this being a continuous issue and will work on fixing it.

In the meantime, you can log out and click on the link to access it.


We also edited the initial post to clarify the instructions for future candidates!


Hi, I took the exam and upon submit it said I got 9/10, but question 10 had a ?/1 next to it even though I selected an answer.


Thanks for letting us know Joe, You had answered correctly, but the question was not set to auto-grade. We fixed that! Congrats on scoring 100%!


Question 3 made me question my sanity.


is there a way you think we can improve the wording of it? In general, if anyone has feedback about the certification formative, we’d love to hear it via a reply. Our pioneer program is a beta-test after all and the emphasis right now is getting things ready to roll this out to our user base! We can make changes based on consensus. :grinning:


I hope this isn’t sharing too much of the question, but Have to admit I missed #6- there are two different colors used depending on where you are viewing the set of answers. I was unsure which section this question was asking about.


Not at all! This is the first iteration of the certification formative. It will constantly be updated so that new members experience new questions and so that we can improve the questions based on your feedback.

Can you explain the different colors you are seeing and where?


Where I am seeing the two colors, is in the View Responses on an assigned Formative. The color of an ungraded can be gray if it is in the bar across from the student name, or if you go directly to the question it is in the red area on the grading colors bar(when question pops up on the right side of the screen)


Ah, we see what you mean. When you click to view a student response in the side panel, the marker on the sliding bar is just meant to indicate that you can change the score as opposed to indicating that the score is red or incorrect. We removed that question from the certification formative!



After submitting answers the first time Question 8 comes up with ?/1 but then gives the point if you click submit again without changing anything.


Thanks for the heads up Kelly! It’s now fixed! :grinning:


I submitted my responses but it is not autograding as it says it will…

This is the official certification formative! Please respond to the following questions. After you press submit at the bottom of the page, your scores will be returned. Make sure to check your score before exiting the page.



@Dawn_Frier1 You’re right. However, don’t worry - you will be contacted shortly.


Hi Dawn! Sorry to hear that. Yes there is a bug where the color-coded scoring will not update if you are signed in as a teacher. We are going to work on getting this fixed ASAP! That being said, we check the results daily. I saw your submission and am following up with you now!