The Bombing of Hiroshima Formative



Just wanted to share a Formative on Hiroshima that I just created to supplement a HyperDoc I am currently finishing up! I was able to embed a 360 Cities Virtual Tour, which I had never done before, so I am pretty excited about that.
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Here is a hyperdoc i am planning on using qbout the election of 1864. Let me know what u think. Anything I can add?


@Jason_Jorgensen I love this. I love the way you integrated short Formatives with great questions throughout the HD. I tend to do one lengthy Formative, but now you have expanded my thinking I don’t think you need to change or add anything. I may borrow aspects and ideas for my own instruction. Thank you for sharing. Have you done the lesson yet?


@Jason_Jorgensen do you mind if I add a copy of this to my HyperDocs website? We could totally use something like this in adult ed. I will, of course, credit you for it.


Add away… i put things up to share


Very humbled that people think that much of my work that they wish to use it


Sorry doing it tomorrow


Was preceeded by a pre read with adapted cornell note page


I feel kind of silly not knowing this, but how did you add the Formatives so that they took you straight to the lesson? I always have to include a code or they have to login using their name or something.


Thanks, Jason. Do you only teach social studies and what grade do you teach?


Grabbed the shareabke link … cut and paste


Yes only social studies 8th grade


I don’t even think I knew there was a shareable link :joy::joy::joy:; I must have missed an update! That would make sharing HD so much easier.



Oh my gosh. Now, I understand. Thank you, I am assuming, however, if they do NOT have Formative account, they will not be able to see it?


My school is a google school… formative has integration so one log in for all… try to use things that i need one log in for


If you haven’t assigned the formative to anyone then no one will be able to see it. If you’ve assigned it to guests then people will be prompted to enter their name and take the formative as a guest if they aren’t logged into Formative. If you’ve only assigned it to specific classes, then only specific classes can see it!


So that’s how I understood it, but apparently what he did was go to the collaborative feature, then just copy the link and was able to share it with others to just review without having to do those things whereas I would have needed to include a clone code or invite as a guest. I think where it gets complicated is if someone does not have a Formative and/or the collaborative function, they wouldn’t be able to view it. OMG, I just hurt my head. I also think I could explain (and understand) this better in person than on text. :rofl:


@david So with all that in mind, if I want to just share a Formative with a colleague who does not currently use it, what is the best way to do so? The way I have been doing it is to share it with them in “guest mode” , but is there a better way?


If someone doesn’t have a Formative account, this is the only way!