Spread The Word About Our Special Promotion


Hey @Certified_Educators :formativecertified:

Some of you might have already seen this but from now till the end of June, we are running a special promotion where you can get your entire team started with premium for a special, low price. This includes all the premium teacher features, collaboration & co-teaching feature set, and team training.

If you are interested and able to help us spread the word, let me know and I can create a custom link for you that others can use to access the promotion. We’ve started to create some for other educators on Twitter and it’s been a hit so far (with over 100 clickthrus) so far. As a fun giveaway, we are also awarding a free premium teacher subscription to the person who gets the most clickthrus. In addition, if you have any thoughts about the promotion form itself, we’d love to hear them and how we can encourage more people to complete it.

Lastly, I am going to be at ISTE 18 on Monday and Tuesday next week! If you are going to be there as well, let me know! It would be great to get meet up and get a team pic together :camera_flash::smile: