Some Features I Would Like to See


I agree, Lara, partial credit for short answer questions is perfect for math. I already try to predict all the ways students can input an answer to see if they are the right track, but being able to assign different point values to different answers would be awesome! AND if the a specific answer can have an automatic feedback response (from the teacher) that is specific to that answer, that would be amazing!!

As far as bonus points, maybe offer a ‘star’ icon that teachers can select so that the points are not added on, but students know that they really rocked that question and went above and beyond the expectation. Later, the teacher could tally the stars and award bonus points in their grade books.


Thanks for the feedback, Tricia! It’s great to hear that you would like to see partial credit auto-scoring for Short Answer questions and also automated feedback based on student responses! I love your suggestion regarding bonus points / extra-credit. We were just discussing this among our @Certified_Educators and whether the bonus points should be factored into the student’s overall score and tracker. It’s great to know that it would be useful for you to award the points separate from the points awarded for the formative and for the purposes of tallying them in a separate system!


Love the idea of this letter! I’ve always struggled with the best way to inform parents of assessments given online. Thank you for sharing!


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece we get and can definitely consider this.


Love the idea of a way to share work with parents, kind of like how will let you enter the parent email tied to an account…then click a button…and score is sent to the parent email on record.


Thanks for the input, Toby! As a follow up question, is there any method of verification that the email you are entering is actually that of the parent? While I believe that teachers would enter the correct ones, I am guessing there must be a method to validate this so that student data is protected.


I usually use the ones that are entered into our grade book system. I also collect data sheets (Job Applications) at the start of the year and I can enter parent emails from those as well once I make contact with a parent, of course.


We get the parents to give us an email at the meet and greet that they themselves provide, and I tell them what to expect from me email wise. I think that mitigates liability there.


Ah gotcha. That sounds like a good practice! We must do everything we can on our part as well to protect student privacy too!


I would love to be able to have students be able to respond to my comments that I make on their formatives and for me to be able to respond back to them.


I’ve been wanting that feature for awhile. I’d even like a ‘flag’ notification if students need help on a specific Formative/question. My students work at their own pace so my class can literally have 10-20 formatives open at the same time. It would help me reduce the ‘wait’ time for students in class.


I love that idea! If I could open up the channels of communication with my kids that way it would add more to my assignments!!!


me too that will be avery helpful tool. spesifically for multiple choice


Just wanted to chime in here and say that students being able to reply to feedback is something we’re working on now. I can’t give an ETA but its coming! :grin:

Great ideas everyone! Let’s keep this thread going!