Show Your Work Window


Is there a way to make the Show Your Work window larger for the students? My students ran out of room when showing their work for a problem I assigned today.


Nope. But you CAN have students work the problem on paper and take a picture to upload into the SYW space. I’ve also had students work it out digitally and then upload that picture.


Good question! This has been an item on our Certified Educator feature vote in the past. We can definitely consider adding it back to the ballot in the near future or consider developing it separately if there is a lot of support for it. On that note, if other educators would like to see this, please like Myra’s topic or reply here!


I tried having them take a picture of their work on paper, but I cannot read the work. I need a new suggestion.


Would this count as a double vote? (Like and reply)
I use the show you work in science a lot for a wide variety of reasons, among them as a place to gather data. I’ve had to break up tables in order for kids to be able to fit the data, which makes the analysis of results a bit more difficult.


Yes, we record every piece of feedback we get! Thanks for sharing why this would be useful for you! An alternative solution to meeting this need would be creating a new Annotation question type which could be designed for bigger drawings and annotating PDF/Docs and feature specific tools for annotation (ex: highlighting).


Perhaps just a few different sizes for SYW would be sufficient, although I do like the Annotation question as well. That would save me a bunch of time, breaking my math problems into smaller whiteboards for students to highlight (with boxes or underlining).


Thanks, for the additional input :slight_smile:


The next day I used Nearpod and embedded it into formative. It seems like a lot of work to make things work.