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Welcome, Mike! Thanks for representing NY state!


Mike, I am also a bio teacher, do you teach using NGSS and/or storylines?
Any other bio teachers here? I am surprised we don’t have more and more teachers from Illinois.



It is a Google map, so I’m guessing that there would be no reason for your district to block it. Although rather intuitive, if you’d like to explore some ideas for using Google maps in the classroom (adding layers and having it calculate all sorts of cool things) you may want to look at (Free)


I am in Boropark, Brooklyn NY


Hey Mike!
I’m non-bitmoji @Math912Teacher!:grin:

Shout out to NY! I went to college in Rochester.


Hi everyone!
I’m Michelle Griffin, HS Math Teacher from NY. Getting ready to start year # 30 (!!) in the one & only district I’ve ever taught in!


Hey Michelle! We are so happy that you’ve joined our community! It’s been so much fun collaborating in the past and I can’t wait to continue collaborating with you here as well! Congratulations on your 30th year! That’s a huge achievement!!!



Hey David! Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, I’ve learned a lot from our collaboration and look forward to even more! Thanks for your support and encouragement.


@freymuge and @mszczepanik…Not a Bio teacher myself, but I will be helping students remediate for our State Exams (PA) in about 2 weeks. Any resources you use with your state that you can suggest, or any other Bio teachers have anything to share? Every summer it is a fellow Algebra teacher and myself that work with all of the students, whether they are there to test for Algebra or Biology. I found many new resources last year, but am always looking for anything new and helpful!


Hello, I am not sure what to share… we are eyeball deep in NGSS and have gotten away from the “state” tests. I maybe would suggest the resources on CK-12 for biology. They have nice review documents and practice test/quizzes as well as simulation that would reinforce content.

Sorry not much help…



Are you familiar with POGIL and ADI? They are my go-to resources for Biology

Another great source is


Sounds like a great Icebreaker activity at the beginning of the school year. Will have students tag most interesting place they visited and and explain to others


Hello! I’m from Hendersonville, North Carolina. I was not able to add my marker to the map as I had a 404 Error code (despite following the directions - I’m a rule follower).


Welcome, Laurie! That sometimes blocked depending on your setting. Let me know and I’d love to add your pin!


Please add a pin for me near Hendersonville, NC. Thanks!


Whoops, I just tried as well and was unable to do it! We’ll need to fix this and I’ll follow up with you soon.


Thank you! Glad it wasn’t just me. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s so strange. I think there was a bug with Google since I haven’t ever changed the link. That being said, I played around with it and added a new link and it should now work. Let me know if you still run into an issue!


I got it to work! Thanks for your help.


I’m a new member here, however I have been using formative for the last two school years. School year 2017/2018 was my first year teaching, and I taught fifth grade as a long term substitute. My class had access to Chromebooks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I made full use of Google Classroom and formative.

This school year I am teaching high school journalism and computer science at a charter school. This school has focused on Office 365, so I am no longer really using Google classroom and instead utilizing MS Onenote and Teams. I am, however, continuing to utilize formative.

I employed the “multiple selection” format for my first journalism formative, and it proved very difficult for my students. They really have to know their stuff to choose the right selections out of four choices. Since then I have moved to regular multiple choice and short answer, but I’m looking to employ more of the options. My classroom is also a computer lab, so that makes it easy for me to do so much in formative.