Share Where You Are From!


Sr. Banda, BIENVENIDO A FORMATIVE!. Somos paisanos!! Yo soy maestro de primaria en San Bernardino Ca.


¡Excelente! Qué alegría encontrarme con un paisano de mi querida Patria. Yo trabajo en el colegio Reina del Mundo de La Molina. Soy coordinador TIC e imparto la asignatura de Matemática IB. Un honor y gracias por la bienvenida. Un abrazo.


Teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia.
From Nova Scotia, Canada


@ryan_macdonald Welcome to our community! Let me know if you want me to put your pin on the map :slight_smile: I’ve always wanted to visit Indonesia!


I don’t think I saw anyone from Louisiana, either. Welcome.


I’m Aziz from Morocco and I’m extremely happy to join this great community. I’m an EFL teacher and Edmodo Certified Trainer. I love to use technology in the class and I like to meet and interact with teachers and technology educators from around the world. I joined this community to share with you my thoughts and concerns and to learn from your experiences. I always believe that teachers and educators become creative and successful both personally and professionally when they come together and collaborate either online or offline .


Hi David,

I’m kind of new here and I really like this great community of educators.



Different Kinds of Badges & When They Are Awarded

Hey Aziz! Welcome! This truly is a great community of educators :slight_smile: Feel free to post in the following topic or message me if you have any questions as you get started!


That’s nice to meet and interact with all those educators


Hello from Trinidad and Tobago.


Welcome, @leeann.pierre ! It was great to meet you at the orientation :slight_smile:


How fun! I have a colleague who will be teaching English in Jakarta next school year. I also have some friends I still keep in contact with in Bali who I met when my husband and I got married there in 2009. We met up with them again when we took a surf trip there in 2012. Beautiful place.


What an awesome use of Google Maps to visually see this PLN! :slight_smile:


This was a great idea! I love seeing the visual of where everyone is at.


I love this! I think I will do something like this for my classes (as long as we are not blocked by the firewall.) I have several ESL and transient students. I think it would be nice for everyone to see the diversity in our classroom. Many of my students have never even left Evansville. If I tagged all the places I’ve lived I’d have about 6 tags. :slight_smile: Then my students could add theirs if they’ve lived anywhere other than Evansville. It might help build relationships among my students, especially those who desire to travel to any of the tagged locations.


I’m a U.S. history teacher from Maconaquah High School in Bunker Hill, Indiana. We are one of the pioneering schools in E-Learning in the state, so I love Formative!


Great idea- I may do this too!


I love the idea of applying it to your classroom too! It might be fun to have students put a pin for a place they’d like to visit as well!


This is exactly how I teach Google My Maps- I have them create a map of all of their “bucket list” cities. <3 I wish someone would have done it with me decades ago!


Hey everyone - I am Mike Szczepanik. I am a high school biology teacher from Hilton High School which is near Rochester NY. Looks like I am the only one from the Western 2/3 of NY state