Share Where You Are From!


We’ve got educators all over the world who use Formative so we thought it would be cool to create a Google Map so that everyone can share where they are from. Thank you @omerkarabacak for sharing this idea! Thank you @Lisa_Scumpieru and @JenRoberts for helping us make it!

Here’s the map! It live updates so you can always check back to see other educators who’ve added their pins:

Steps to add your marker (where you are from) to the map

  1. Sign into Google and click here to access the Google map

  2. Select “Edit”

  1. Select the “marker” and place it on the part of the map, showing where you are from (you can use the zoom buttons to help place your marker)

  1. Add your name, what you teach, and something you love about that place. You can also add an image as well. (if you make a mistake, you can delete the marker and make another one. Just make sure not to delete another educator’s marker)!

This is me. Hi there
What strategies do you use to keep students engaged while formatively assessing?
Introducing Myself - From a Charter School in Glendale, AZ
Anyone here from Indiana?

Is it possible to embed the live map so we can see the updates here instead of having to click the map link?


Yes! Great idea! We just embedded it and it live updates!


:laughing: at my lonely little tree down in Australia!


Thanks for representing Australia! I can’t wait to see more of our educators all over the map :world_map:


@david I didn’t follow your instructions for my hometown, but it’s authentic! lol


I’m not allowed to use this feature due to school restrictions(? I tried and was blocked?), but I am working out of Durand, Illinois, USA.


Thanks for sharing where you are from and I am sorry that it’s not letting you edit the map. If you want, I’d be glad to add your marker to it :slight_smile:


That would be great! Thanks!


Done! Let me know if you’d like me to add more (ex: a picture, something you love about that place) :grinning:


I tried to add last evening, too! Could you please add me to Canton, Ohio- USA?


Yep, I just added you! Let me know if you’d like me to insert a profile picture, additional details about yourself, and/or something you like about Canton!


I love this! So cool!


I was the one guy who put in Dearborn for my name! OMG, long week!


Love this idea!! :slight_smile: I am currently the only educator from Nevada!


New here from Louisiana! Thanks for having me! :slight_smile:


Hi all, I am Niko PYP coordinator and teacher librarian from KIS International School, and even though it looks like I am the only one from Bangkok I happen to know that our MYP coordinator is using Formative as well.


I added myself and someone added me too though slightly off location :slight_smile:

So now there are two for me.


I am a 3rd grade Dual Immersion teacher in San Bernardino Ca. It is cool to see our Formative community spread all over the map.


Hola David acabo de insertar mi pin en el mapa. Por lo visto soy el único en Perú. Bueno es todo un reto representar a mi querido país con el uso de formative. Muchas gracias.