Scheduling Formatives to Assign Automatically


@Lisa_Scumpieru The ability to schedule formatives is a great idea that would benefit both Google Classroom and non- Google Classroom teachers.

To clarify, are you scheduling them in Google Classroom the morning you are going to use them because you don’t want students to access them via their Formative dashboards days before? A workaround is to assign the formative in advance so you can grab the link for it and then immediately un-assign it. This will “de-activate” the links while still allowing you to post them.

You can then post the links for the formatives in Google Classroom and schedule them for a given date and time. Then, when it’s time to actually have students take them, you can assign the formative to the desired classes and the link will become “active” again so they are able to take the formative. I know this isn’t ideal but it may make things a little less hectic on the day that you give the formative :slight_smile:

@michael.lutz Thanks for jumping in to help out! I think @Lisa_Scumpieru wants to prevent students from accessing the formatives from their dashboards early.

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Yes, I do want to make sure they don’t access the formatives early. I like the suggestions and did not realize the assign link is the same each time you use it. I just assumed that it was different each time like some other programs. Your workaround sounds like a solution to my dilemma. I think I will try it out this weekend for my formative on Monday. :slight_smile: Thank you!


I am glad that helps! And it’s great to hear you are getting in the Christmas spirit! I bet the cookies are delicious!


@Lisa_Scumpieru. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. I have Google Classroom like yourself and will post the links in the class when I’m ready for them to complete it. I would love an scheduling feature when to open and close. Yes, I can go in and do both manually but having it scheduled would be so helpful!


I recorded that you want this!


Scheduling would be so helpful! I have to stand in the hall every passing period and I don’t always remember to make an assignment active for the current period. I also like the idea of making an expiration date/time. So I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to close a session.

Scheduling would make it automatic!


Thanks for sharing that you’d like the ability to schedule a formative as well! I recorded your feedback :slight_smile:


I really like this because when i try to get ahead and make formatives live, I have kids doing them at home or in the hall before class haha


awesome! I recorded that you’d like this as well :slight_smile:


I also didn’t realize that the link was the same each time the Formative is used. Great to know for the future, though!


I agree, I’d also like to be able to schedule a formative to go live on a particular day, rather than having to open the assignment manually. Saves class time for assessments that I want students to access only in class. I’ve worked around this by putting the link into a classroom assignment, and then setting that assignment to open at a particular time, but it would be nice to have that feature directly integrated into the formative platform.


Noted! Thanks for the detailed feedback!

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Great idea! I never thought of doing that. :slight_smile:


I know this is an old thread, but the ability to schedule a formative a week or two in advance to open at a specific time for each class period would be fantastic. I want mine to not all open at 8:30 a.m., but at the time each class period begins. This alleviates “sharing” among the students- VERY common with my freshmen! :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the feedback, @Susan_Shires ! We are actually working on this right now!

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@fichtlis @michael.lutz @shafferj @carrie.templeton @Danielle_Moore @brent.hall @Tobi_Nielsen @tricia.mintner We have now implemented this feature!


Awesome! I only get a ‘real’ planning period every other day, so it will be nice to schedule assignments two days at at time… or even for the week. :slight_smile:


I am new to Google classroom this year. When I schedule a formative for the future on the Go Formative site, and then click to “add to Google classroom”, the formative becomes live as soon as it is posted to Classroom even though I have scheduled it for a different day and time.

If I don’t post to Google while I’m planning, I concerned that I’ll forget to and then students won’t have access.

Is there a way to keep it in “schedule” mode and still post to Classroom?


I feel your pain. I posted a very similar post a few years ago concerning this. The only workaround I could do was to copy the link for the GoFormative and place it in a scheduled assignment in Google Classroom. If I schedule a post, I have the ability to choose when it goes out (date and time). I hope this helps. Have a great evening.

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I do the same thing. :slight_smile: Have you tried posting to 1 ‘individual’ student and then opening it up to everyone on the day ‘of’? Maybe that will work.