Sample Formative for Professional Learning


Here is a sample that I created just to show teachers across disciplines how they can use Formative in their content for different purposes, and how they can tag it to standards. I don’t want to make it too long because I have them for 40 minutes and I want time to show them the tool and give them time to create. Thoughts?


@jomoskowitz Love it…

Here is one that I have used during a conference (Bring It: Give Me Immediate Feedback The theme of the conferences was game on…I love the different ‘question’ types you have…can I steal some of your questions and add them to mine?



Thanks for sharing! Of course you can!!! Take what you’d like and change as you’d like!


I really like yours and plan to steal/borrow some of those questions. A good theme helps adults!

I especially like those first couple questions. :):grin:

Thanks so much for sharing!


Hi @jomoskowitz and @drjatthehooch

I have shared the below Formative before in this community but I’m not sure if you saw it so here’s hoping I’m not wasting your time whilst you’re no doubt eyes-deep in exam marking!

Whilst giving Professional Development training to my peers on Monday mornings this year, I incorporated silly humour in the Formative in order to get all the teachers engaged and to show them the different question types and functionality.

Feel free to clone and amend as you see fit!

Formative Training Example (2017)
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@apeters Thank you Anthony. I like it a lot! I’m going to translate it for my colleagues.


Love it! There is only way to get teachers involved HUMOR!!!

:slight_smile: Pebble

Hope I can steal some questions …


@jomoskowitz I love the variety of question types and content you used for this! I gave you a shout-out on Twitter :slight_smile: