Rotating text function in Show Your Work (for sentence diagramming)?



The previous version of GoFormative allowed students to very easily resize and rotate text. This allowed students to visualize grammar using old-school “sentence diagramming” on this website. However, with the update last year, that functionality was lost. There was some acknowledgement of the changes and some hint that maybe the feature to rotate text might return, but I haven’t seen it. I would love to develop curriculum materials for our entire school, but I am about to give up as the functionality of the Show Your Work feature decreased and hasn’t updated in a year and I need to start developing materials for Fall.

Is this feature/functionality coming back?


This, along with all the editing features available in the text boxes are things I’d like to see again as well.


Thanks for the feedback, @jude.hollins & @tricia.mintner! I can definitely see how bringing back this feature would be useful for sentence diagramming and other things. We record every piece of feedback we get and a major part of how we prioritize features is based on teacher request! We’ll definitely ask more teachers about this feature and let you know if we implement it!


Are you referring to the formatting bar that was available for text blocks? Many of the items there have been added back (ex: bold, underline, italicize, hyperlink, superscript, subscript). Were there other options there that were useful for you?

If you are referring to being able to edit the text boxes that you create on the Show Your Work canvas, you can now edit those text blocks as well. f you select the text tool or if you already have it selected, you can just continue to edit the text (rather than clicking on the “Move” tool, which would have taken more time)! If there are ways we could improve this, we’d love to hear your ideas!



The text box to which I was referring was

. We can only bold, italicize, under, make it a larger text, and hyperlink. The text box had LOTS of editing tools just like in Word. Multiple sizes of text could be chosen (vs our two current sizes). I could change the color of text and the alignment, etc. I tried to access the old site to get a screen shot, but it’s not active any more.


We can definitely consider adding these in! Thanks for the feedback :raised_hands:



We’re not asking for new features. We’re asking for the return of the features that brought some of us here to develop formatives. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that they were new features-these are definitely ones that used to be there. When we switched over to V2, the interface of the platform and features changed quite a bit based on different factors. We definitely see how features that used to exist would continue to be useful and have started to re-implement some of them based on the feedback we’ve gotten (ex: sorting responses, adding content on top of documents that you upload). We can definitely appreciate how the specific features you mentioned were useful and can definitely consider adding them back in as well!


Also, the ease-of-use for those text editing tools made this EXTREMELY user-friendly for kids. I teach seniors, and I still have to do a ton of technical assistance for basic show-your-work work. In the end, I can no longer use my old activities on this website because those tools made teaching sentence diagramming FUN and substantive. #desperate