Rotate a PDF after uploading


Is there a way to rotate a PDF to show that landscape orientattion? Or is there a way around it… If not, I would like to request this feature!

Thanks in advance!


This is a good idea. Have you tried switching the orientation of the document before uploading it? When you do that, does the document show up as expected or for example, is it too squished? :slight_smile:


I rotated the PDF and saved it, but when I uploaded it, it was still the wrong oeirntation. :frowning:

What I ended up doing, is in the text box I added the file as an image. When the students right click on it, they can open it in another tab as a PDF file and rotate it themselves… No complaints from the kids, but it would be great to be able to rotate a PDF after uploading it as well.



Hmm, interesting! Can you send me the pic over private messaging? I’d love to check it out. And agreed. I can see how that would be convenient. Thanks for the feedback!