Reworked 13th Amendment Formative




Thanks for sharing this formative, Jason! I really like how you uploaded the image of that scene so students could label and infer what the different subjects were thinking. I think this is such a creative way to allow students to practice perspective taking and demonstrate their understanding of history. For Q#2, I would suggest giving a little more context as to what the students should write about as you do by asking them to make a bucket list in Q#3.

I am tagging @SSHistory_Educators in here so they can check out your cool strategy too and share any thoughts that they have. As a general note to everyone, feel free to use subject-area mentions like @SSHistory_Educators to notify others!


@Jason_Jorgensen This is great. I really like the picture and the essay questions.


Thanks so much for the feedback


Thanks so much for your feedback as I will add a bit more context to this to make it better for them. I do so appreciate that you guys are not the Wizard of Oz hidden away in the Emerald City and actually help.


I have a pretty decent little collection of visuals , if you’d like I am a good sharer I could share them with you


@Jason_Jorgensen that would be great!


Let me know what you need, topics covered… And Email


Have added some context for the Q2 and Q3 let me know what you think



Thanks for considering my suggestions. I took a look at your formative again and would just suggest adding a prompt at the end of Q#2 so that they know. For example, you could say, “Share what you imagine the subject’s sentiment were, as a result of the 13th amendment being passed.”


Made a change to the 2nd question


Looks good! I noticed the word “owner” is missing in there.


For Q2, you state this “Imagine you are a plantation owner whose slaves have been as a result of the 13th amendment.”
The slaves wouldn’t be the result of the amendment. Did you mean to add something about them being freed?

I think that this is something that would be great for our 8th grade SS class. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the help… i will make the change


Let me know how it goes


I would like to see your Civil Rights, Holocaust, and Reconstruction folders. Also thought I would share my Great Depression Formative with you. Clone Code: CLEXXP


Shared… I also do use the book Maus for the holocaust… i have thematic essays and scanned copies of each book chapter by chapter as well as other reaources of youd like.


Havent done alot with these folders but they have many resources


awesome thank you so much