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Happy Friday Formative Community,

I have been seeing a few new teachers messaging our customer service asking for resources for Art and Art History.

Did you know the Met Museum made over 400,000 of their art pieces, public domain! You can now browse their collection, upload any digital versions of them to Formative, and ask questions about them! Check out their full collection: They also include 20 thematic sets of images to help get you started!

Formative Educator Jorge Branco created an activity in his formative (shown below) as an example. He uploaded a piece of art, added bubbles, and asked students to interpret what the characters were saying and thinking!

I hope our Art teachers find this resource useful! Let us know what you think and be sure to share some of the formatives you create!


Love these types of activities. The final product looks great. Awesome share!


Thanks @kjohnson…I am happy to share! This is actually something that @david had shared a while back on social media, so I repurposed it :wink: Have a great weekend!!!


Thanks for the surprise. When I was teaching renaissance art I also used “show your work” to let students be artists. They had to create a “painting” entitled “Born of an History Class” and explain the meaning of the uploaded or drawn images.
I think it’s important to have students think out of the box.

Another example


That is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the example @prof.branco…and thank you for your feedback! :smile: I would love to see that formative!



Hi Nicole,

I’m portuguese and the formative is in portuguese but here’s the code and link to one of renaissance art formatives.


Jorge Branco


Hi again,

I also found these I used in a QRCode quest:




Jorge Branco


That is an amazing formative @prof.branco!! I love how organized it is…and it’s cool to see the entire original formative :smile:

Thanks so much for sharing…I definitely added it to my library!



This is a awesome activity! I have created two formatives how do I share them?