Resize images in questions


When I create a show your work question and insert an image I can easily resize that image. I would like to be able to resize images in all situations. For example, when I insert a question into a text box, a categorize question, a multiple choice question or possible answers, etc., the image is often way too small or way to big and I can’t adjust it.


Thanks for the feedback, @kcusano ! I could definitely see being able to resize images in these other cases…being helpful! If others would like to see this as well, please reply here and show your support!


I’d love that, too! :+1:


Voting this one up, too :wink:


Excellent idea, I know that I would use it!


I’d love that too!

I’m really new to goformative, and I’m getting frustrated at the sizing issues.

I made a multiple choice for math with each choice in math type. The choices were so spread apart vertically that my students see all the choices on the same screen. There was lots of dead white space.

So for a different formative, I made screensnips to avoid this problem, but I had the image size problem. Each picture was gigantic.