Request: Please post your awesome formatives to the Library

Dear Formative Certified Educators,

We are expecting many new teachers to join us in the coming days and weeks as educators navigate the transition to online learning.

As a result, we have a request :pray:: if you have great formatives, especially if they cover an entire semester / course / year, would you consider posting them to the Library?

We think this would be an amazing help to teachers who are new to Formative, and looking for a starting point as they create formatives for their classes.

You can find out more about how to publish to the Library here. Note that if you select a folder to publish, that will automatically publish it as a bundle. Consider giving your formatives / bundles a title that will make them easily searchable!

From all at Formative, thank you :heart:

p.s. If you’ve already posted some great stuff, and don’t mind us sharing it more widely, please let us know! :slightly_smiling_face: