Re-entering a Formative


Hey there!

I was wondering if there was a way for students to save their answers/information in a Formative and return to it the following day? So far I’ve only used Formative for reading comprehension standards and have tried to create lessons that can be completed in one sitting. I would love to be able to use a Formative as a working document students can go in and out of as needed (I’m thinking writing specifically!)


I think they can return to it as long as they don’t click SUBMIT.


You are totally right, @Stacey_Allen: students just close the window without clicking “submit” and they can re-enter the Formative at a later time.


Hey Nadine!

It was great to meet you the other day and thanks again for joining our orientation! If your students have a Formative account then they can re-access the formative by re-visiting the link/quick code for it or by accessing it from their dashboard (if they are part of one of your Formative Classes). Depending on the assign settings you have set, they can continue to edit their responses, view their scores and/or correct answers.

In terms of creating student accounts, there are a couple options. Your students can create them on their own via the Sign Up page or you can create them in the process of adding your students to classes.

Lastly, there’s a toggle for allowing students to continue to edit their responses after they press submit and if you haven’t toggled that on then after they hit submit, they will not be able to edit their responses (unless you go back in and toggle it on later). I believe this is what @Stacey_Allen is referring to:


Adding to @david’s response about the “enable edits after final submission”, you can toggle that on or off at any time, giving access to your students as you wish. For example, I will toggle it off if I do not want my students to continue a formative at home, and simply toggle it back on the next time I see them in class.


Thanks for your help! I had a hard time organizing accounts this year with three classes. Logging into Google Classroom took quite a while, so we usually just used the code and entered in names under the guest setting. Next year I’ll be back to self contained, so I’m excited to see how much more I can do with GoFormative when each student has an assigned tablet they can remained logged into!


Dear @Nadine_Lynch, If you have to share your tablets:
First, tell student A to log out from Formative. Second, let him/her open another tab and direct them to Then click on the mail address (bottom left) -> “logout from all accounts”. Now student A can hand in his/her tablet to student B. If you don’t do that, student A is still logged in when student B is going to


@michael.lutz - So true! It took a couple of weeks before I realized that the assignments some students were completing as I WATCHED them work on my Formatives, why they weren’t showing up in my response views. :slight_smile: Once we figured it out, it didn’t take long for students to figure out what they needed to do.


Is there anything we can consider implementing to make this easier? :slight_smile: