Place for explanation of correct answers after submission


I haven’t found the answer to this yet. Is there a way to explain why an answer is correct (in MC formative) if a students gets it wrong? This would pop up after they have submitted and get their score. Like a mini reteach or tutorial in the form of a quick explanation.


As of right now, this is not available. This is something I did with my math videos in EdPuzzle. I would purposely set up my MC answers based on common mistakes. Then I would set auto-feedback for each incorrect answer. I, too, wish I could give auto-feedback on MC questions.


Thanks for sharing. I’ll play around with edpyzzle to see if that would work for me as well.


I’d also like to request this feature my goFormative! Thank you for sharing this!


Thanks for the feedback @Susan_Shires @tricia.mintner @robert.schwandt ! This is a great idea that we can definitely consider :slight_smile: