Pause in the middle of test?

I’m new to GoFormative. Can students pause a quiz/test and continue later? For instance, if a student has a learning plan and gets extra time, and doesn’t finish in class, or if a student is called out of class in the middle of an exam. TIA!


Hi David,
Using formative you can do all of those, depending on how you assign it.

  1. You can schedule open close times for each student or for whole class.
  2. You can decide to leave it open, allowing for just one submission, which would effectively close the assignment for each student as soon as he/she submits.

Any configuration of assignment/time/etc. would work.


Everything is saved automatically; so, even if a student only completes part of the assignment before completing, that work is saved, and they can return to it later as long as the assignment is open.


Yes sir. Unlike on Google Forms, you can close it and then the students can continue later. Also, when its closed students no longer have access to it. Honestly, this is why I’ve been using this tool for my summative assessments as well. It’s very easy to gather data as well.


I love this aspect of Formative. I am really going to encourage my fellow teachers to try this as an option to their Google Forms. This is much easier for them.

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