Out for the Day: Formative to the rescue for your substitute lesson plan



This year for my substitute emergency lesson plans, I am building cultural exploration lessons in formative. They will be complete with an article, google slides, videos, quizlets, and formative questions. This is such a great way to make an engaging lesson that you can track. Students can still learn and do a meaningful lesson even though you are absent. Look at this example here. This lesson is for a cultural activity about the French Holiday “La Chandeleur” but the lesson format could be used in any class. Add videos, articles, quizlet sets, as well as a variety of question types to keep students engaged and learning if you need to be out for a day.


Great idea! Student learning and engagement shouldn’t stop when they have a substitute. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be creating a few for my students to use when I’m out of class for the day.

Would you mind sharing how one of your substitute lesson’s have gone; did the substitute have trouble or prefer this type of lesson and how did student’s feel about them? Specifically, what is their favorite part of the lesson (articles, slides, quizlets, videos) or do they dislike any particular part?


I will let you know as soon as I use one. I haven’t had to miss a day yet. I use formative so often with my students that I have a feeling they will do well with a sub lesson on formative. I will certainly post about it when it happens!


oooooo! How do you insert a quizlet?


If you go to quizlet, select your set, click on the button with the three dots, then you can select the embed option. Once you have the embed code for quizlet then you look on the left hand side of the goformative question format options and select embed. Paste the code and your quizlet will be there. I uploaded images to help. 35%20PM