Is there a way to see all notifications, not just new ones? Or see who/where messages are? Once I check the notification, it disappears and if I want to go back to it and answer the question, I can’t find it!!


Currently, there is no UI to see all of your notifications. It’s a feature that’s heavily requested by teachers and something that the product team is looking into.


Hi! Thanks for working on that! Just figured I’d say I’m one more person who’d love to see this prioritized. When I have sixty kids working on the same assignment, this would be immensely helpful!

I would like it too. Also, is there a way for students to retrieve messages, so that they can review when I give feedback?

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I’m interested in this too. Or even an extra click to dismiss the notification instead of it being automatically dismissed if I click off the notification.

I can’t believe there is no way to view all your comments. This is a serious flaw. Please fix this!!!