NGSS Science Practices and Formative



Hi everyone-

I am trying to create/teach an NGSS-like Biology course. However, I would like to assess the Science Practices and Cross-Cutting Concepts directly instead of the Content (DCI). I have created a Science Practices grid (it also links AP Bio practices as well as MYP-IB Criterion so it’s a little overwhelming:) ).

So has anyone used formative to assess the Science Practices? and if you have can you show me what you have done



Not yet, Mike, but I am hoping that perhaps we Bio teachers can work on some ideas.
I have just seen your grid and will be checking it out. Thanks for sharing.


I don’t teach science, but I’ve been reading a lot about NGSS in the Formative Community. Here are some links that you might lead you to helpful resources & people:

I can’t seem to find it now, but another teacher had a similar student-friendly grid. The grid was building each topic/section of the unit with three levels of activities for each section. Students had choice to work through each section at their desired level. She said her kids were self-motivated to work higher levels. I think if your activities built up to the level of the IB or AP expectations, your IB/AP students would work through to the highest levels in order to be best prepared for that national exam.


Is it possible to request something? I am trying to use the standards tag and it would be helpful if they were organized a little better.

The Science practices are just in listed alphabetically by substandard not grouped by Science practice standard


I just published a bundle of three formatives that explain the S&EP to students


Not what you were asking for specifically, but the goal is to make students aware of what they are, when they are using them in class and why. Once students have gone through the series,I have them write a weekly reflection where they identify the practice that helped them most in our class that particular week. This allows me to assess their use of the practices.


Mariana -

How did you get the side panel like that? I love it!



Yep! I definitely see how this would be helpful and we can definitely consider it!


I wonder if you might consider this resource out of Rutgers University - they have developed a series of videos called Tools of Science.

They are also looking for subscribers to the YouTube channel and feedback about the videos.



What side panel are you talking about? If it is the one in the library, it is all @david and the awesome Formative crew :grin:


With my 8th grade science we used a formative to access their understanding of Models SEP #2: Developing & Using Models


I like how you use the new “Partial Match” feature in your formative so that you ask students a more open-ended question why still having it auto-scored :slight_smile: Nice work!


How does the partial match work?


You can toggle it on for Short Answer and Essay questions. If a student response contains a keyword or phrase that you specify there, it’ll mark that student response as correct. This allows you to ask more open-ended questions while still allowing for auto-scoring since student responses do not have to exactly match what you put in the answer key!


The grid is amazingly helpful, thank you for including this and the MYP Sciences correlation. I have often wondered if it would be helpful to have MYP Tags of some sort included in GoFormative, in addition to NGSS.


Hey Jennifer! It was a pleasure to meet you in our orientation the other day and I am glad to see you are already engaging in the community :slight_smile: Do you have a link to the MYP standards? I was unable to find much about them on Google. I’d love to check them out so that if we are able to add them in the future, we have the link as reference!


Usually they are more project based or summative in nature but sometimes I feel I could use a formative to make sure students are learning these skills. Same with Approaches to Learning. Look up MYP Sciences Criterion and you’ll see what objectives/standards I also have to assess along with NGSS.


Thanks! So would just want us to add Criterion A-D and their descriptions?


Yes. Criterion A-D (they are called criterion when we assess them) are great and general enough they can be used by all the years of the program.


Awesome! Thank You Jennifer


Thanks for the confirmation, Jenifer :slight_smile: