Middle School Science



I am looking for other educators who use Formative for middle school science. I teach earth science, but would also like to hear about physics, biology and chemistry at the middle school level.

Ways to use GoFormative

Thanks for posting Jennifer :slight_smile: I am tagging @Science_Educators to make sure they see your topic!


@jennifer_trout that’s me! Where are you located? I am in Nebraska and do earth science with 8th grade. I also teach an AP Environmental science. I like the potential to embed other tools into the formatives, and am looking/trying different ways of incorporating them into live labs.


Hello @jennifer_trout,

I also teach middle school science (4 different grade levels, so all the topics you mentioned). I use Formative for all aspects of teaching since you are able to embed all sorts of interesting things in it (simulations, interactives, videos, etc.). The only thing I do not use it for is wet labs simply because I’m afraid of the water/solvent-Chromebook combination in my setting. I have several Formatives in the library if you’d like to take a look at possibilities. If there is anything more specific you’d like ideas on, post it in the community. I know that myself or the other educators here would gladly help out.



Thanks, Mariana! I will check out your Formatives! I’m in the beginning stages of trying to use Formatives in my science classes! I appreciate this!


I am located in Pennsylvania.


@mgarcia I, of course, love all your formatives! :wink: I love how everything is in one place and students can work through at their own pace (with some nudging)