Meet the Author: Roald Dahl



Here is a mini bio and quiz about author Roald Dahl.


What a terrific idea, @tbland! I love that for more than one reason! It’s a great way to introduce learners to the novel.

This is particularly useful too because it can be used to stretch a learner’s insight. For example, we delve into the author’s intentions as well as motivations for a author/poet writing particular things in order to encourage a deep and holistic understanding of the piece, and your Formative lends itself to that harmoniously!

In order to challenge my learners, I’ve been using the ‘Multiple Selection’ question type whereby all the available options are logical and possible so it demands specificity from the learners to only select the most appropriate ones. I love this question type as it violates traditional stereotypes that it this form of questioning is easy, as it is not! It simply depends on the difficulty (or similarity) of the choices!

Thanks again for sharing such a great idea!



Thank you for your kind words @apeters! I love that with Formative you can embed videos and add whatever type of questioning that you want! I did a similar Formative about Edgar Allan Poe. In it I asked my students to draw an image that they associated with Poe. I got lots of hearts, stick men under houses, and several ravens that looked like ducks :):laughing:

What you are talking about - with using “multiple selection” type questions and demanding specificity from the students - is something that we try to hit hard in our standards. Check out the site They do a really nice job of giving a text, ensuring close reading by demanding the specificity in the wording, and creating an assessment of the text that is very in depth and rigorous. I came across this site while taking a class this summer and I have been spreading it around to anyone I know :slight_smile: It is free!


This is beautiful @tbland! Thanks so much for sharing!! I gave you a shout out on Facebook too :smile: Be sure to check out our page…and tag yourself :wink:


Wow! Thank you for the compliment! I saw the post on Facebook! The video that I used in that Formative was pulled from Youtube and created by Mojo. I don’t own the rights to it. That’s not an issue is it?


Hey @tbland :slight_smile: You ROCK!! As long as you pulled it from YouTube, you are fine. YouTube is public domain. Even if it were a problem, it would be on YouTube’s end for allowing it to be shared in the first place :wink:


That is fantastic, @tbland! I have already shared that website with my fellow English educators! Thank you so much, indeed! We must definitely use this Community to continue sharing resources, particularly those which can be embedded into Formative, as then the potential is quite literally limitless!

Thank you so much for sharing this!


I am so glad that you found use in it @apeters! Commonlit can be multidisciplinary, too. My husband, who teaches social studies, has used it a couple of times :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree with you more with regards to the benefits of the Formative Community!!! I have definitely found value in being able to communicate with other educators that are ready and willing to help each other out. In my school, which is quite small, I am one of two ELA teachers at my grade levels. Being able to connect to a larger community of educators has been AMAZING!


@nicole Thank you so much for inviting me into this community!!! I was unsure at first, but boy am I glad I gave it a go :slight_smile: Though I haven’t been here long, I have been inspired, more than once, by other members. Being able to speak to educators on a global scale has been incredible! Thank you for all that you, and others involved in creating and growing Formative, do!!! :heart:


@tbland I really like the question asking students to draw an image that made them think about the author. I noticed you did this for you Formative about Edgar Allen Poe as well! Great strategy for sparking student discussion :slight_smile:


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I really like this formative that you made. Kids love Roald Dahl books and I always try to read at least one to my class during the year. This would be a great way to start a unit on Dahl to give the kids some background information on him, or a way to finish a unit once you’ve read one or two of his books. I also love using research for some of my high students for enrichment activities. They could even create their own formative about their favorite author. Thanks for sharing.


Great Formative! We are doing an artist study, and this fits perfectly. Thank you for sharing.