Make Math Fun using Formative




Wow! Such creative :bulb: work! I will definitely look into building my own soon! I love using the GoFormative to view student progress throughout the process.

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This is amazing!!!


Can I get the clone codes? I did not see them anywhere?


@msashlylcot Yep!

Click here for the formative she used to begin her Breakout.
Click here for the formative she used for her scavenger hunt.
Click here for the link to her full Google Slides, which includes those formatives


This sounds like a lot of fun. I just did my first Escape Room activity with my 4th graders and they loved it. I think having them use Formative as part of an escape would add another level to the activity, and give them faster results instead of having to wait for me to check each team. I can’t wait to watch this.


yeah, @Dawn_Frier1 is the master of using Formative for Breakouts! It’s a great webinar! Using Formative for an Escape Room activity sounds exciting. I would love to hear how it goes :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Dawn_Frier1! I have two Breakout Edu kits that are being delivered next week, and your ideas are inspiring. Thank you for sharing!


You are welcome! Have fun with it! If you get stuck or need help - just let me know!



Thank you very much for sharing so many excellent ideas to create interactive math lessons using formative.


This was great. I love breakouts and use them quite a bit. I like how you integrate them into Formative.

I really was inspired by your scavenger hunts.! I will definitely work on some of those for students! Students will love those!


@Dawn_Frier1 this was AWESOME!! I can’t believe it only took you 6 hours to build your first Breakout. I did mine without tech and it took me two weeks to build the hands on version from scratch. (Maybe because I had six DIFFERENT stations.) I will definitely have to try this digitally. It would be a perfect ‘Boss Challenge’ for the gamified classroom I’m planning this year. I love how you used Formative to draw them in and teach/review the concept first. I’ve never used Forms with expected answers before either. I can’t wait to try it.
– Question: Where did you get the blacklight pens?

The Scavenger Hunt was pretty cool, too. I love that Formative is used to check the answers for the students. I’m always on the lookout for ways to save me time outside of class… especially if using them doesn’t hurt the students. I think your integer scavenger hunt would be a great review concept for my 9th grade Algebra 1 class and it would be a perfect fit for the first Boss Challenge, which the average class XP level should reach easily within the first two weeks of school. Thanks for sharing!

Answers to your questions:

  1. The closest I’ve gotten to use Formative for ‘fun’ is to take a puzzle worksheet and have the final ‘punny’ answer be checked on Formative. You have inspired me to try some new techniques to make Formative more FUN.
  2. I have used formative in a similar fashion for Number Talks. I like to put in an open-ended question and generate several answers. We look at the responses and discuss them first, and like you, I make connections to the topic I plan to teach.
  3. I taught middle school for years and I’m a firm believer in movement. I’ve had students do a Gallery Walk for taking notes - they walk around the room and copy notes from note cards on the walls instead of listening to me in a long, boring lecture. I also plan for seating arrangement changes from one activity to another. It could be students moving to another group or simply rearranging the desks in the room (pairs, to groups of four, to rows, etc). There is a LOT of movement in my hands on Escape Room. Students exchange old envelopes for new ones, they get up to get needed supplies (and return them) as needed for each station, they walk around the room, testing the six different lock boxes, etc. Sometimes I just place the worksheet they need to pick up far away from the bin in which they just turned their homework.
  4. I’m not really a sink or swim type of teacher, but I do believe that students should struggle, because that’s when their brain is make connections and learning is happening. However, I don’t like them to struggle so much they give up. I tend to have low-ability students and they need to be able to see that I have a life raft to throw in their direction. Therefore, in my Escape Room, I give each group three ‘hint’ cards at the beginning. They can trade the cards for help in how to 'do the math, ’ a check for ‘did I do this right’ questions, or even a hint in trying to figure out how to manipulate the digits they need that make up the 4-digit lock code. While three seems like a lot, there are only six boxes. So when I approach a group and they ask for help, I ask them if they want to struggle a little bit more, or if they want to use one of their hint cards. Many times they CHOOSE to struggle. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for sharing. :slight_smile:


You are welcome! I am an admitted geek so using technology has never been a problem for me. Going digital with the Breakout seemed natural.

I got the blacklight pens at Amazon.

Have fun!
If you need more ideas, just ask - I have a number of Breakouts for Math.


Love it! Thanks! I did a digital breakout with my students this year - first time - and I only had it on a Google site and Google forms. I love the ways you incorporated Formative, Google forms, Google sites, Thinfi, etc. I’m really liking the different things you put together in order to complete the breakout. I’ve never heard of Thinfi until this webinar and I can totally see multiple uses for it in my classroom. I also love the idea of using Formative as a Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for all the good resources and for sharing it with us.

To answer your questions:

  1. What is a way that you use Formative for fun math experiences in your classroom? I’ve so far have mainly used it for assessment and joined in this forum to find out fun math experiences USING Formative. I do all kinds of other things, but I really like how you’ve incorporated Formative thus far.
  2. How have you used Formative to interact with the class during warm-up activities like Number/Math talks? I’ve used it when warm-ups and for exit tickets also - just to get to get a quick glimpse of their understanding.
  3. How have you incorporated movement into Math class? Wobble stools, gallery walks, choosing seats for group work, arm and hand signals, corners for multiple choice answers, etc.
  4. Do you think that students should struggle with a challenge such as a breakout and not be rescued? How can Formative help provide direction without giving away the answers during this process? I believe in productive struggle and not struggle that will just make them frustrated. So getting to know if they have it correct or not immediately is helpful in this way.


Awesome webinar! I love Breakouts and going Digital with them is just THAT much more exciting!


Can’t wait to check this out!! :blush:



Thank you for sharing. Until watching this webinar I hadn’t considered using breakouts other than team building and exploration activities. I am an 8th grade math teacher is goal has always been to make learning fun. I am planning on using you integers scavenger hunt the first week of school to assess students prior knowledge. Then looking forward to using It’s a pythy mystery. Since I believe in get one give one, Try using Jigsaw Planet to turn answer keys, syllabuses and other docs or images into puzzles.


I’d never heard of this! Thanks for sharing, Lonnie. I’ve taught 8th grade before and I currently teach 9th grade Algebra 1. I may have resources you can use. Just let me know if there’s a concept for a Formative that you don’t already have and I may have something you can use. :slight_smile:


This is an awesome way to use Formative!! I love the puzzles you have created.


This webinar is amazing!! I am glad to see in the replies that it has been used in 4th grade. I did not realize the potential to make Formative so much fun and I can’t wait to implement this in my classroom!


Glad that you found it useful! Kudos to @Dawn_Frier1 for hosting it and inspiring so many people to use Formative for digital breakouts!