Make Math Fun using Formative



Tomorrow at 6pm EST I will be leading a session on Fun in Math. Ever created a Breakout? Scavenger Hunt? Come learn how I use Formative to create problem solving tasks that are not only fun but a great way to see how kids use their math skills!

Link to session will follow soon.


Update: Watch the webinar below!

Here’s the link to her Google Slides including resources!

Learning "stations" formative
Anyone have a Breakout Template using Formative
My 1st Breakout EDU of Mathematics

You can visit the following link to watch Dawn’s session live. Even if you can’t attend live, you can still visit this link to watch the recording. This will be a great session for @Math_Educators and any other educators interested in trying Formative for Breakouts and scavenger hunts: ( @Math_Educators , this is the updated link to view the session!)


Here’s a link you can visit to learn more about Breakouts:


Hope you will join us at 6 tonight! (EST)

Something to think about:
How much do you let kids struggle? How can Formative help with this?



Hey @Math_Educators ! Just one last reminder that @Dawn_Frier1 's webinar starts in less in than 1hr! I’ll be joining her to help out! Here’s a poster I made to get you pumped up for the event! Feel free to share it :wink:

Watch live or watch later here:

Have you ever used a Breakout or similar platform in your classroom? What are the benefits?

Well that was a new experience and it was cool! Thanks @david for your help and co-hosting!

If anyone has any questions, I"ll do my best to answer them.



You did an amazing job Dawn! It was so much fun chatting with you and actually seeing an entire Breakout in action!


@Dawn_Frier1 That was really a pleasure to watch and never a dull moment! Using a well-known classic like the game Clue (one of my all-time favorites!) and tying Formative to other educational tools to reinforce math skills is engaging. I like the idea of letting students try to figure things out on their own and using Formative to allow them to check themselves or let a teacher know when to intervene. I think this strategy will challenge them in a way that they want to participate and finish the game.

Thanks for sharing!


@Dawn_Frier1 That was a fantastic use of Formative and a very inspiring presentation in general! Definitely not a way I thought of using it before, but am now considering it. Always looking for something to interest and help my students. Thanks for such a great idea and thorough presentation. :slight_smile:


Hi @Dawn_Frier1 :slight_smile: I just got done watching your Virtual Learning Session and I had to give you a shout out on Formative’s Facebook page! I feel like every Math teacher in the world can benefit from watching your session, so I shared the link to your presentation and this post too!

Thank you so much for sharing all of the tools you use to make Math fun and your formatives very interactive. Please be sure to visit our Facebook page to like and share your post :sunny: Thank you so much again for sharing!



Hi @Dawn_Frier1 I am getting caught up on my “things to watch” and really enjoyed your session about Scavenger Hunts and Breakouts. I have a couple of questions:
How long did it take students to complete the Clue Breakout?
Was that multiple class periods?
Do students work individually?
Once you get your groove I imagine you get more efficient at making them but it seems like a lot of leg work - are you able to re-use the general format from Breakout to Breakout or are you always starting from ground zero?

Thank you for your time. Very impressive!


Hi @kquinn,

It took them about an hour and a half. I happen to have some days with triple math periods so it works. Becuase it includes an introduction to the theorem, you could split it easily into two days: one for intro, and one for the breakout.

Students can work as singles or pairs for me but that is totally up to you. I find that having a collaborator helps them think out loud.

Once you make a couple, it does get faster. All depends on how much complexity and story you want to create. I can make most in about 2 hours or less now. My very first one took about 6 hours as I was learning new tools myself along the way. Now I know the tools so just need to come up with the scenario. Hardest part is thinking about where they will run into trouble. Never occurred to me that they would not have played Clue before!



Great. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the fun work!


Can you please share the link to the Drive folder with those forms that you mentioned in the video? Thank you!



Here’s the link to the folder! Also, in case this is helpful, here’s @Dawn_Frier1’s Google Slides for her presentation!


Fantastic! Thank you very much! I can’t wait to try this!

Updated Breakout

Excelente trabajo!!
Gracias por compartirlo


These ideas were great! So far, my students love using Formative for math, especially because it makes error analysis so easy. We make it a “game” to find our own mistakes together using the work created on our whiteboard drawing. Can’t wait to incorporate the digital break-out idea with Formative!


I am glad you enjoyed @Dawn_Frier1 's webinar Brent and it’s great to hear that your students are enjoying error analysis. Have you heard of “My Favorite No”? It’s a great strategy for this!


I had not heard it called that, however, I enjoyed how the video placed such emphasis on recognizing the importance of mistakes. What a great way to show the students how important mistakes are for our learning! Thanks for sharing!