Life Cycle of a Tree



Created the Life Cycle of a Tree Formative as an Engage/Explore section of a HyperDoc. My HyperDoc is not complete, but my Formative is:

Life Cycle of a Tree

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This is great Ashly! I love how you use a variety of different media to engage students and the closing activity where you have students go beyond the classroom to observe trees in the real world. I would suggest adding an answer key for Q# 2-13 to all for auto-scoring! Regarding this portion, are you expecting students to memorize the cycle and then answer those questions? Or are you expecting them to use the diagram to respond the questions? I’d love to hear more about what you are focusing on teaching here!

I’d also love to hear what other @Science_Educators and HyperDocs enthusiasts think!


Oooooh good call. I will add the answer key, not sure why I didn’t do thatl. I want them to read the diagram to respond to the questions. I am going to add the answer key now. The essential question for the entire lesson is, “What changes occur in a tree and how does it interact with its environment as it moves from one stage in its lifecycle to the next”? I am still working on the HD, but hope to this set to go for spring.