Iron Chef: Awesome Ideas For Using The Show Your Work Question Type, Audio Question Type, Upload & Transform, Speakpipe



Hey everyone!

On Tuesday, Formative Certified Educators @mgarcia @d.vendramin @michael.lutz and I met for an intense round of Iron Chef protocol. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a collaborative activity where each member of a team researches an aspect of a topic and then adds it to a shared presentation (ex: a Google Slides). The Iron Chef portion comes in because there is a time limit for this activity and afterwards, the team presents!

We applied this protocol to challenge these @Certified_Educators to think of different ways to use the following Formative “ingredients”:

  • Show Your Work Question Type
  • Audio Response Question Type
  • Upload & Transform-Enhance a PDF/Doc

Check out these amazing ideas they came up with (Slides 4-7). We would love to hear what you think and if you have other ideas for using these awesome features :stew:

What areas do you want to grow in as an educator who uses formative assessment?

It was a lot of fun and a great challenge. Looking forward to reading others recipes for success. Learned a lot from my fellow chefs @mgarcia and @michael.lutz. I could see my self using this activity in the classroom and look forward to serving up another dish of formative cuisine during the next iron chef formative edition challenge :man_cook::spoon::bowl_with_spoon::stew::yum:


Likewise, @d.vendramin! The 3-act in math is really interesting. Maybe, I let me students perform as well :smile:.


I love eduprotocols, if you like iron chef you should try the others as well. These 16 protocols are collaborative and easily formative:


I love this “Iron Chef” idea and would like to figure out how I can use this to make the content more engaging in my middle school science classes. It would put a nice spin on what we do in class.


After this awesome experience, I decided to create a Digital Citizenship resource on Formative using the protocol, with a Flipgrid secret ingredient. The idea is that I will assign this at the start of the school year and have all groups present. Then, every month or so I can have a random group present again as a refresher. Also as issues with digital citizenship will inevitably arise throughout the year with some of the content (oversharing, cyberbullying, plagiarism, etc.) I can call on the expert groups once again to present their Iron Chef work whenever it is appropriate. The Flipgrids, in which each of the experts will post their key takeaways, can also be used as a reference whenever only a specific group or a student needs a private reminder.
Would love to hear what you think.


This looks great Mariana! I like the scaffolding your provide for each slide! I might use that (scaffolding) for our next round of @Certified_Educators Iron Chef sessions! I also like how you incorporated “secret ingredients” for each member of the team. Something else I’ve seen people do is ask students to include another aspect of the topic in their presentation that all team members can rally around. Here’s an example that I found about an Iron Chef on math properties:

“Math properties (Name of the property, 3 facts, example, secret ingredient: application in everyday life)”

For your presentation, that might be having your students share a small anecdote of someone being respectful, responsible, and/or safe on a collective slide. That being said, I love what you are doing with individualizing the secret ingredient for each member of each team so please take my feedback with a grain of salt (no pun intended)!


This is awesome @mgarcia! It is so important for out kids to be digitally aware. Quote I heard on the weekend “You have a digital tattoo, not a footprint. Footprints wash away.” They also need to learn to give credit for others work. This seems like a great activity. I might use it in June to get my grade 8’s more ready for high school and then use it with all my classes in September.



Hello. I was able to use the Iron Chef Challenge in my 10th grade ELA class today. I made it a challenge for a narrative. It was so fun! We plan to continue it tomorrow. I can see this would be a great way to practice a skill quickly and with a challenge! Too fun. Thanks for the idea. I was at a conference last week and couldn’t participate on the Twitter challenge, but wanted to use it that I brought it in this week. Thanks for the excellent lesson!


I love how you applied the protocol to challenge your students to write a narrative! I hadn’t pictured how this would work for ELA and this is SO COOL! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Wow! Awesome stuff guys! Speakpipe is a great tool. A lot of the content was science related, and those types of questions/ assessments are probably what our students will be seeing on their NGSS State Tests